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Polycom | Power Save & Increase Screen Life


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This is just something we do to help be more green but also increase the longevity of the screens on our phones. We add a custom override with the following:

powerSaving.enable="1" powerSaving.officeHours.startHour.sunday="8" powerSaving.officeHours.startHour.monday="8" powerSaving.officeHours.startHour.tuesday="8" powerSaving.officeHours.startHour.wednesday="8" powerSaving.officeHours.startHour.thursday="8" powerSaving.officeHours.startHour.friday="8" powerSaving.officeHours.startHour.saturday="8" powerSaving.officeHours.duration.sunday="0" powerSaving.officeHours.duration.monday="10" powerSaving.officeHours.duration.tuesday="10" powerSaving.officeHours.duration.wednesday="10" powerSaving.officeHours.duration.thursday="10" powerSaving.officeHours.duration.friday="10" powerSaving.officeHours.duration.saturday="0" powerSaving.idleTimeout.officeHours="480" powerSaving.idleTimeout.offHours="1" powerSaving.idleTimeout.userInputExtension="10"


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I agree with @Skunkbeard, tying it in as a default for phones that go through Advanced Provisioner would be great. 
But please add "Office Hours" to Advanced Provisioner resellers that don't use SmartPBX benefit from this! 


On Yealinks it looks like this:

This turns off your display after so many minutes: phone_setting.backlight_time = 600

features.power_saving.office_hour.friday = 8,17
features.power_saving.office_hour.monday = 8,17
features.power_saving.office_hour.saturday = 8,17
features.power_saving.office_hour.sunday = 8,17
features.power_saving.office_hour.thursday = 8,17
features.power_saving.office_hour.tuesday = 8,17
features.power_saving.office_hour.wednesday = 8,17

features.power_saving.office_hour.idle_timeout = 60

features.power_saving.power_led_flash.off_time = 100
features.power_saving.power_led_flash.on_time = 0
features.power_saving.user_input_ext.idle_timeout = 30



This stops the the Red light from flashing to let you know your phone is powered on: phone_setting.common_power_led_enable = 0
This stops the the Red light from flashing to let you know your phone has a missed call: phone_setting.missed_call_power_led_flash.enable = 0


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