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Hello from Lagos

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Hello everyone. I'm Michael and I am based out of Lagos Nigeria. Been in VOIP/IP telephony professionally for about two years now. Prior to that I was in Supply Chain Management. Stumbled across Kazoo late 2021 and couldn't get my head around it as most of my experience then was FreePBX based and Kazoo seemed like a lot. Fast forward almost 2 years later and I finally figured out how to install and mock about with Kazoo. I have it deployed in a home-lab and I am hoping to get my hands "dirty" trying to understand it. Two things that made me hell bent on figuring Kazoo: the brand colours (love the liberal use of orange) and this video, KAZOO the VOIP cloud platform: A retrospective - James Aimonetti. James delivery compelled me to go figure out how to install it so I can see the product he was so proud of. I've got a few questions about Kazoo but I'd ask them in a separate post. Glad to be here with you guys

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