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call recording time limit


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Prior to the most recent upgrades and changes we had call recording objects set to 3600 as the time limit.  Now when I edit call flows or groups and the like I get an error that says the time limit cannot exceed 600.  This is only ten minutes.  I think it is reasonable that a call will last longer than 10 minutes.

Is this a bug?  I already had to change 2 objects today to 3600 to 600.  Can we get the time limit removed or increased?
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There has, for a long time apparently, been an erroneous time flag saved in the STOP call recording objects, which the schemas have now actually been fixed for. BUT when we fixed the schema (properly ironically) it made it so the old elements are failing. At least this is what we believe the issue to be.

In the call flow you are editing, is there a start AND a stop element? If so, can you try deleting the stop element and then re-adding it?
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Well the issue ironically is that the old callflows have invalid data in them. We fixed the validation for that, but now the hidden values in the old callflows won't save (which is technically correct). If you rebuild the callflow, it will work.

We are looking into some JS that will "cover up" the invalid data if you try to re-save it and just "clean" it "as you go" basically. But for now, rebuilding the callflow SHOULD work. Let me know if that matches your findings.

To be clear, the callflows still work fine, so no need to re-save them if you're not actually working on them.
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I noticed this with groups in SmartPBX where I configured "Inbound Call Recording".  When I try to edit the group and save changes, it will fail saying the call recording options have a time limit set too high.

I also have a single call flow item with "Start Call Recording" configured prior to calling another call flow.  There is no stop configured.

I have not tried recreating the call flow object yet.  Are you suggesting that we re-creating the call flow might solve the problem?

I hope "re-creating" groups and call flows is not the solution.  That will require some effort.
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We are seeing the same issue.  I tried to add a caller id pre-pend on a monster group and it is telling me "The value for the field "children._.time_limit" must not be more than 600."

I would still like to add the pre-pend if this gets fixed can you update the thread so I know to check?
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