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v3.21 Release Notes

Katie Orton

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It's been awhile since we last sent out Release Notes. So what have all of us at 2600Hz been doing all summer? Avoiding all vacations and improving Kazoo, duh! Our focus has been on improving the experience for our resellers and building the architecture to enable our Infrastructure.

Take a look HERE at our Product and Feature Improvements, Kazoo Core Improvements, Developer Improvements and Bug Fixes. All us at 2600Hz have been hard at work prepping for our major launches at KazooCon.

Speaking of KazooCon, have you registered yet? The Unified Communications Revolution is taking place October 5-6 and we want you there! We will announce SaaS including our brand new reseller platform, Cluster Manager, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and our incredible new brand. Take advantage of early bird pricing while you can, we only have a few tickets available. That's under $400 to join us for two days of intense demos, thought leadership, product releases and a night of fun in beautiful San Francisco. We have just announced the agenda, so what are you waiting for? Sign up here
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Thanks for the release notes.  Our customers are noticing a few changes, which they are hoping can be addressed:

- When logging into Monster UI, instead of opening to my default app, it starts with showing the account per minute charges etc settings screen.

- UI seems slower, particularly showing images / icons - sometimes they don't show up

- and the most important so far >> under users, it doesn't show if the devices are registered or not based on the icon color (does still show under devices)

- noticed that the wrench icon is gone under Devices Edit column.  It's just blank but you can still click the blank cell to edit.

- Under Groups, the cells for editing Phone Number and Group Features are not shown and not accessible.
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Hi Marie, thanks for your feedback. 

1-Thanks, Karl. You are correct. The getting started wizard appears the first time you log in, so it should not reappear once you've clicked through. We suggest within the Permissions Tab in Account Management that you deselect "Credit Card" for your subaccounts so that the popup doesn't appear when they log in. 

As for your remaining discoveries, we have been unable to recreate them. Have you tried clearing your cache? And do you have any plugins that may affect the view of the UI? 
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