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  1. For those of you who missed it, or for those who want to experience the webinar again, here is the recording from the webinar #1!  https://recordings.join.me/v8uYFrATg0u2Hk8f0fvFzQ
  2. Some of you have asked for more transparency into what we do on a daily basis. I thought we'd post this here (and on our blog)... Today, the core architects of the Kazoo platform are in Milwaukee, WI working with the amazing FreeSWITCH team. The FreeSWITCH team runs an awesome open-source project that is on the bleeding edge of communications - always. Their software, libraries and RTP integrations allow us to power the audio portions of your call, and we’re working together to allow video and other features, too. This year, our focus is on optimizing how Kazoo and FreeSWITCH integrate. We hope to expose more FreeSWITCH features natively. Our talks today will help shape the future of the Kazoo project in that regard. We’re pleased to continue working with, and supporting where we can, the FreeSWITCH project. If you’re interested in learning more about the inner workings of how components of Kazoo work - FreeSWITCH being one of them - we’d encourage you to come to one of our upcoming FreeSWITCH trainings or to join the FreeSWITCH team at their annual ClueCon conference in Chicago.
  3. San Francisco, CA - April 1st, 2016 With skyrocketing demand for integrations between different services, 2600Hz is staying ahead of the competition with a unique integration named “Carrier Pigeons”.  This service allows customers to place calls to a specific number/extension where you then leave a voicemail.  2600Hz seamlessly transfers the voicemail to a thumb drive. Via automated, scalable, elastic engineering robots, the thumb drive is attached to a pigeon who is dispatched automatically to the specific location determined by the extension.  Using 2600Hz Mobile services, Carrier Pigeons are tracked via GPS until they reach their destination. Their progress is shown in an amazing user interface, the Monster Pigeon app. 2600Hz’s Co-Founder Darren Schreiber explains “We’ve seen what employing contract workers has done for the transportation industry, with services like Uber and Lyft. We see no reason why this can’t be adopted in the communications industry. The challenge in our industry is that people want their voicemail messages quickly - faster than a person or a car can deliver the message. We realized that Carrier Pigeons were a natural choice.“ Co-Founder Patrick Sullivan expanded on the project further: "We are always on the bleeding edge.  Now that we have integration with Voice, Video and SMS/MMS we had to think outside the box.  When sitting in our conference room talking about the future of business communication, we noticed a vast amount of resources sitting outside our window – Pigeons.  Most see dirty animals with wings. We see a way to deliver secure messages to places that might not have fiber or any other transit to get information to.  We also believe everyone has a crazy uncle or aunt ‘living off the grid’ and you might want to communicate with them.  We now have a way to do just that. This gives us a huge advantage over the typical CLEC/ILEC infrastructure.  The opportunities are endless.” The program is in Beta and is invite only. Project “Carrier Pigeon” will launch publicly in the next couple months.  2600hz has already received multiple Silicon Valley investment offers and hopes to display the technology live, on stage, at TechCrunch, with other successful projects such as Pied Piper. For questions and information requests please contact: Captain Crunch CaptainCrunch@2600Hz.com 140 Geary St. San Francisco, CA Ph: 415-886-7900
  4. Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know that we have added the ability to set default action in Smart PBX in production v3.22. Take a look at more information about the release here. Thanks again for your feedback! 
  5. Hi there!  We are excited to announce that we have updated to v3.22. Take a look at our Release Notes here if you haven't seen them already! Best, Katie and the 2600Hz Team
  6. Join us for our upcoming FreeSWITCH bootcamp December 9-11 in San Francisco. The three-day training provides in-depth training of FreeSWITCH installation, configuration, maintenance and programming. Save $300 right now by using the code “freeswitchvip.” Register Now https://kazoosf.eventbrite.com
  7. Hi Joy, thank you for this idea! While this is not currently possible on our UI, I've submitted this as an idea to our product team as we have been discussing adding functionality to conferencing. I will keep you updated as we work on this internally. 
  8. Hi everyone, I agree that this would be very useful! This is currently possible on the backend, however it is not accessible in a user-friendly way yet. I've submitted this as an idea to our product team and we will let you know once we know when this is available. 
  9. Hi everyone, I agree that this would be very useful! This is currently possible on the backend, however it is not accessible in a user-friendly way yet. I've submitted this as an idea to our product team and we will let you know once we know when this is available. 
  10. Hi there, You may have noticed the new “Login” button at the top right corner of our Community Home Page, and may have had some issues logging in. We’ve been working on our security settings for the community, and in order to make sure that we give you exclusive access to some of the more private info in the community, there’s an extra step we need from you in order to get you fully set up in our community. For those of you who have been having these issues, here's what you should do:  Go to https://access.2600hz.com and enter in your full name, your email address (the one that you use to log in to your GetSat/Help Center account) and password Click “Register”  When the community homepage loads, go to Help Center  Click "Get Started Today" and follow the instructions listed  Once you complete these steps, you will be fully registered and shouldn’t have any issues logging in and accessing all of our documentation, discussions, and release notes! Thanks so much for your patience, we look forward to seeing you in the community!  
  11. Hi Marie, can you give us some more information about what is occurring? Is this happening on all of your accounts or just one? The more information you give us, the faster we can reproduce the issue and identify the cause. Thanks!
  12. Hi Rick, It's great to hear you are utilizing Smart PBX! We originally tried to keep Smart PBX as simple as possible, so play media was not included in the feature set. I agree that play media would be useful to have as an option, so I will speak with our team here and we will let you know if this is on our road map to add to the Smart PBX. Thanks for your feedback!
  13. Hi Anthony, The Provisioner does automatically add Backup Outbound Proxy servers, but not all models support this. Thanks!
  14. Hi Marie, Thanks for this feedback! I'll let our team know and see if we can add this to make the information more clear for users.
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