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Mobile Version of UI

Brian Sloan

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Really need a mobile version to manage on the go.  All sites should support mobile now :)

Even with the formatting not right tho, I cannot login to monster from my cell phone.  I get an error.  Even tho it looks awful I can login the old UI from my cell phone.  Any plans to at least allow mobile access?  Thanks!
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No plans for cell phones. In fact, we explicitly excluded them during our design because it really isn't practical to make a one-size-fits-all responsive design for such a complex GUI.

We did, however, spend a LOT of time on supporting tablets. If you're taking this to client sites and want to show off, invest in a tablet :-)
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We have developed a mobile app (iOS, Android, web browsers). Mostly for our own hosted Kazoo cluster (with some own features), but can be installed (by us) on any own-hosted Kazoo to change the most common features; change device settings, set caller ID, look at CDRs etc. It also have a dial function (callback, callthru) with Android intent / click-to-call.
Contact me via PM if interested.

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On 2/6/2018 at 11:36 AM, Elena said:


I would like to check the status of Mobile version of UI topic. 

Is there a  mobile version of Monster UI? Do we have any plans to develop  one? 

Thank you!




@Elena @Brian Sloan

FYI: I have been able to use a cell (in a pinch). If you have Android - Chrome. Select "Desktop Site" in the Settings area of the browser. 

Caveats. What won't work (that I know of). 

1) Editing Callflows (new call flows are doable...but tough)

2) App Exchange to switch between apps, do NOT work. (You will need to remember the http://address.net/callflows or whatever the app is)

3) You can drill down into sub-accounts

Hope that helps. 


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