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Yealink T58V to Zoiper Softphone Video Call


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So I have the Video Codecs setup in the devices on the Production system. I also have the Zoiper Softphone setup with the proper codec. 

I try a Video call, but it's a no go. I Don't have another YEalink T58V to test with yet, so I am not sure if that would work. 

Is Video turned on in production? Does anyone have it running on their own clusters? Does it work well? 


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Please note that we do not currently support video transcoding. That is one of the reasons we decided to start the Private Cloud initiative. Doing video transcoding on the hosted shared cluster will be tough - the demands are VERY high. So we will start offering video transcoding soon, but it will likely require private cloud servers so that you're not messing up anyone else's equipment when you have video transcoding/muxing going on.

That said, once it's launched, you'll have both video transcoding AND video conferencing.

For now, if you want video:

* Enable ONLY H263 OR H264 on ALL devices, both in the GUI and on the device itself

* START your call in video mode - do not try turning it on mid-call

And it should work (in proxy / no transcoding mode)


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