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Extension as outbound caller id


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Hey guys, i have a special situation with our PBX. 

Since we are moving from cisco to kazoo we decided to create a trunk between them to facilitate the transition and basically they call eachother prepending digits to the extension, so that if you want to call a number in cisco, we created the user in kazoo and put a callforward to 88XXXX and then a resource that would take hat 88XXX and send it to call manager. 

Everything is working great, however when calling from kazoo->cisco , kazoo will put the external DID mask for the caller id or the external mask for the account . 


Is it possible to tell kazoo to send the Extension number in the caller id when sending calls to this resource? 


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I tried updating the resource but its still sending the main number as caller id . Do i need to update or refresh or reload something? 

    "data": {
        "rules": [
        "name": "Call Manager",
        "gateways": [
                "realm": "",
                "server": "",
                "enabled": true,
                "channel_selection": "ascending",
                "custom_sip_headers": {},
                "endpoint_type": "sip",
                "force_port": false,
                "invite_format": "route",
                "port": 5060,
                "skype_rr": true,
                "caller_id_type": "internal"
        "emergency": false,
        "enabled": true,
        "flags": [],
        "grace_period": 5,
        "media": {
            "audio": {
                "codecs": [
            "video": {
                "codecs": []

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