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Glauber Ferreira

Some questions about Kazoo/Monster


Hi, we're a small startup hosting PBX for our clients and we are looking into Kazoo for our VOIP needs.

So, what we need to know is:

1- Will a self hosted Kazoo install have the same benefits of your SaaS?

2- Does Kazoo do LCR, Rating, Billing, Accounting in one or more of it's apps? If not, how hard could it be to implement these functions on Monster UI or externally?

3- Is it possible to acquire the closed/non-public apps on our self hosted installation?

4- What is needed to localize Monster UI and the dial prompts to our language? In any case, we could PR back our changes to 2600hz.


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7 hours ago, Brooke Shepherd said:

Hi Glauber! Thank you so much for posting your questions - I am just checking in to see if anyone has gotten back to you yet? If not I am happy to help answer your questions 

No, no one has gotten back to me yet.

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Hello Glauber, 

Thank you so much for posting your questions. Hope this post answers your questions. I’d be happy to get on a call for further discussion.


  1. The different options to get started with Kazoo are as follows:
  1. Hosted Cloud: Our SaaS solution is ideal for resellers looking to manage devices, DIDs, trunks and more at a touch of a button. Hosted Cloud is fully redundant inside and across data centers and supports multiple back end carriers, with automated failover across zones.
  2. Private Cloud: The Private Cloud suit is ideal for US partners looking for a private, secure and fast platform. This product combines and optimizes renting server space with purchasing as advanced telecom solution. Let 2600Hz manage the servers and uptime so you can focus on deploying quickly and reliably to your users. 
  3. Global Infrastructure: Partners interested in enjoying complete control over their network and carrier providers should deploy KAZOO's clusters architecture inside their own data centers. Global infrastructure is perfect for clients who prefer to bring their own infrastructure ( data center or cloud). Let 2600Hz install, monitor and support your cluster 24/7, so you can focus on the end users and on uptime and cost.

All of the above options come with our licensed app. You also have the option of using our OpenSource version. The OpenSource Kazoo platform does not contain all of the licensed apps. It does have the core apps of Kazoo. The Hosted Cloud and Private Cloud are on our servers located in the US. The Global Infrastructure can be deployed anywhere in the world. 


  1. Kazoo does not do LCR, Rating, Billing, and Accounting at the moment. As the platform is completely API driven, you can integrate with any third party apps to get your billing and accounting taken care of. With Kazoo you have the option of either bringing in your own carrier or using 2600Hz as your carrier provider.
  2. Only a few closed apps are available on the open source platform.  In order to get access to all the closed apps, one would have to be on our licensed platforms.
  3. The Kazoo platform supports a variety of dial prompts and few languages. 
    You can definitely do some development from your end and add it to 2600Hz's Kazoo platform. If need be, we can take it as a development project from you as well. 

Thank you,


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Can you send me an email with quotes of the Hosted Cloud, Private Cloud, Global Infrastructure and app licensing for the opensource version? I don't think the first two solutions are viable for us since we aren't US based. Also, I sent an short email to the sales dept a couple of days ago but got no answer.

Also that's a bit of a technical question but how Kazoo does call routing then?

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