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Cell Phone Device Continues to Ring


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I have begun to experience when I reject the call on my cell phone, platform is still trying to reach out to me and continues to call me until it completes its 5 rings or whatever number I set it too.


Is there a solution to make the call end at that endpoint, or do we need just tell customers to let it ring through.


My current setup is a:

Cellphone > Press One to accept > hang up or ingnore > Call still rings


Is this normal behavior? 

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I had The same issue a few times where I rejected a call and a second later got the same call about 2 or 3 times, 


But in testing today in the morning I was not able to see what the issue is, I'll do a bit more testing tomorrow (I think it only happens on FMFM not if your cellphone is in a ring group)

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Ok simple,

When your getting a call on your cell phone both from a ring group and from a FMFM

1) pick up the call when the system says "this is a forwarded call press 1 to except 2 to reject" just hang up, Then you will get the call again,

(I guess it might be related,  when you press 2 to reject, nothing happens it starts again "this is a forwarded call press 1 to except 2 to reject") 

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