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  1. So I have recently been doing some looking into Call Center Basic, and I guess the Barge feature is in there according to https://docs.2600hz.com/qubicle/doc/crossbar/qubicle_recipients/#monitor-recipient I cannot confirm if it works as I have not tried it, but the page and feature are listed in 2600hz documentation.
  2. @Mark Magnusson I am on the hosted system with 2600hz, how could I go about making this happen?
  3. @Jack Noe We had issues with a doorking https://www.doorking.com/telephone/1802-entry-system We ended up having to connect it to a cisco 112A adapter, and programming in a dialplan with the code to open the door. Can you confirm what kind of doorbell it is?
  4. Jack, You can place custom hold music on the users with that call flow, and set the ringback to a particular audio file while it is ringing that group.
  5. When using call center basic, and have 1 user in multiple queues, Can we add the option of which queue to sign into? Example is a Manager who is monitoring 3 queues, needs to take calls in one queue but not the other 2 can this happen without having multiple users on one device?
  6. Have seen some interest in this Feature, Gonna Bring it back from the Dead! We are interested in seeing this turned into a UI tool on the advanced Callflows :)
  7. never has more truth been spoken about some PEBKAC issues
  8. We use screenconnect. send an email invite its much eaiser cause lots of people ask.. Can you just email it to me.
  9. @amn General users don't really know much about API stuff, but the insight is appreciated. Removing it from the UI or seeing if I can lock it out in token may be an option I will investigate it further, But removing the BUY link is the desired solution
  10. I recently got a client who wants to give customers access to the Smart PBX but would like to remove the ability to purchase phone numbers. I thought taking the Number Manager away was enough but the Buy button still appears within the UI. Any one have an idea how to remove this feature and I just can't find it?
  11. I don't think this statement could be any more true..
  12. @mc_ I Want to move an entire account that is currently a parent account into another Parent account making it a child account. So Company 1> go into account > company 2..
  13. I am trying to consolidate a new client and want to put them all in one Parent account with the children accounts inside it. is there a way to add already created account to a new parent acccount?
  14. Error log.rtf I have attached the error log, and a screenshot with the phone numbers removed, but this was the call that was timing out.
  15. When testing, we have a client who is faxing an actual fax machine, and there is 10 seconds of ringing before the machine picks up. After this time the fax box is trying to retry the number and the signal is now busy causing the faxes to fail. I hope this makes sense, thats the best way I can describe it.
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