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  1. Thanks Darren for this info. We performed some updates yesterday on several GXP-1450 telephones. After getting the run around from GS, we finally were able to learn that they only provide the hosted firmware updates for the older phones and not the 21xx series and have no idea when they will. On the GXP1450 all we needed to do was add firmware.grandstream.com in the Firmware Server Path field and set Upgrade Via HTTP, then rebooted the phone. After +5 minutes it upgraded fine. For the 21xx phones (before knowing they didn't have a firmware site), we entered the same firmware.grandstream.com and rebooted phone and nothing would happen. No error, no reports, it just didn't do anything. After contacting GS support someone finally told us the info that we had to create our own TFTP site and place files there, which we have. So, this was a major issue for us and it seems to have a path to resolution, once we update all the phones.  We are very excited when 2600Hz adds GS auto provisioning..... soon we hope.
  2. That's usually the issue. Hopefully GS will be in the provisioner :-)
  3. We use a ton of these phones without issue. There are a few settings you need to activate/set but the phones are rock solid. We primarily use them on the front desk at hotels as the main console and they get hammered all day and night. I don't think we've had a single failure. If you still need a config I can email it to you. Send me your email address to mark@vsrusa.com if still need assistance.
  4. Using auto provisioner for a PolyCom VVX300 phone, I don't see where to set the voicemail message button to auto log in to the associated mailbox. Prompts request entering mailbox number and then password. Want it to auto log in and only ask for password. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Here's why I like it: Color display Bluetooth support 6 SIP accounts 24 BLF/Speed Dial keys Less than $100 No DOA's - No failures Always available inventory Good support from Grandstream
  6. Product Model GXP2160 Part Number 9620005114A Boot Core Base Prog
  7. This is becoming annoying. It should be a setting we can control or it needs to be extended. Thanks
  8. Some additional info. I have several devices I am monitoring on my phone. When any of them make a call, I show them flashing red rather than solid red. 
  9. Today the BLF's have started acting up again. They have been working great for a month or two. They started out not working at all today. Rebooted phones and then started intermittently working. Rebooted again. Now when the CALLING party calls the CALLED party, the CALLED party sees the CALLING PARTY BLF flashing but the the CALLING PARTY sees the CALLED PARTY solid. We reversed who was the CALLED and CALLING parties and the issue follows who is doing the calling. This is reproduce able each time. 
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