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  1. Oooo that would be cool. I thought those were for TTS. Anyone know how to turn it on?
  2. Anyone know a plug in or 3rd party application I can use to build an auto attendant that takes voice as well as DTMF? "press or say 1 for sales..."
  3. OK - it's a year later and I'm still trying to solve this problem. It seems the schema has been relaxed and I can now update the media ID in the menu to reference the parent/media_id format. Unfortunately all I get is dead air...but the menu functions (the caller can enter digits). Is there something preventing the media from streaming?
  4. Are the SIP Ladder diagrams being added to the debug app as you demo'd at KazooCon? How about MOS Scores in the CDR?
  5. Hey all - I have a client asking about our historical uptime of the hosted platform as a whole. Anyone have this data? thanks!
  6. Follow instructions on this post: Then you have to enable it in the phone. I use Yealink and it's just as simple as adding these lines to the config: ## SRTP ## account.1.srtp_encryption = 2 account.1.outbound_host = secure-us-east.p.zswitch.net account.1.sip_server_host.legacy = secure-us-east.p.zswitch.net Or you can manually configure it. Just need to select the REQUIRE option for SRTP and point it to the secure server IP. Note the hosted platform doesn't have a us-central for some reason.
  7. Hi guys - I have a prospect asking me what level of SRTP we support. Here's the list of options he has on his Avaya: (1-srtp-aescm128-hmac80, 2-srtp-aescm128-hmac32, 3-srtp-aescm128-hmac80-unauth, 4-srtp-aescm128-hmac32-unauth) Any ideas?
  8. anyone know what intercept is? I can't get it to do anything.
  9. yep - got it working yesterday with the help of Darren at Fast Device. It turns out it doesn't work without an approved_group_id with the listening user in part of that group. So anyone know about whisper or barge now that we got monitor working? I found something called "intercept": https://github.com/2600hz/kazoo/blob/5e877f684639fa655de973e9295abf1cb74c8957/applications/callflow/doc/intercept.md is that barge possibly?
  10. Tomas are you on hosted or running your own?
  11. it doesn't work - I get a system message saying "no channels" and then she hangs up on me. This must be disabled on the hosted platform. Booooooo
  12. thanks - I will test as well. I guess it depends if the eavesdrop module is enabled on the hosted cluster...
  13. Thanks - I actually think the rudimentary module would work for my client's needs. They don't need full blown call center. These are for restaurants with 6-10 phones, just for training purposes. If I land the deal i will fund it...just let me know how much!
  14. I agree - @Darren Schreiber can you hook it up? I sort of may have already told a client it's coming soon.
  15. crap - thanks. Not sure where to look for KAZOO-4832? Would this feature be something they can enable when I move to private cloud?
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