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  1. thank you @mc_ for your work and support , we only need to have clear message from @2600Hz @Darren Schreiber if KAZOO v5 will be soon open or not, thats all.
  2. hi @mc_ , i think community will love happy hours spent using Kazoo v5 open source 😀 , any news ?
  3. Any chances for community to be able to test Kazoo v5 this year ? @mc_, @Darren Schreiber
  4. custom_sip_headers can be more powerfull if we can put it in data portion in other areas/actions , is that can be added to next weekly dev release ? , for now need to move all logic from Kazoo to mid freeswitch server thank you James
  5. yes ,iam using now flags for other type of SiP headers ( in callflow doc and in special resource) so all users have this sip header for outbound calls , but in this case each user have different sip header value (users account id , X-account=1234) , so going this way i should create for each user : callflow with call group and special resource with sip header , it may be not efficient , maybe there is any other way ? it will be great to have posibility to inject any sip headers in any point of callflow (callflow action)
  6. Hi , i have scenario : user register to Kazoo and making call to call group , our call group have devices type of cell phone, all traffic goes via local resource. i need to pass special sip headers from user to provider. in user device config have special sip headers : "custom_sip_headers": { "out": { "X-my-id": "some_id" }, if user create normal outbound call , this sip header will be included in Invite to my local resource (provider). How to make sip headers included when user create call to call group of cell phones devices and each call from group will go out with special sip header via local resource ? Thank you for any help. Marcin
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