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Announcing KAZOO 5.0.151 — Release Notes.pdf


This is a bug fix version that addresses an issue brought to our attention by you all. These Release Notes pertain to partners on the Hosted Platform.

What's New:

  • In Call Center Pro, the queue activity log now only shows the last 1,000 events so you can have more open browser tabs, as our larger activity log was using all of your computer's available memory.
  • Say goodbye to the days of having Advanced Provisioner and the User Portal open in separate tabs. We have added a new “Contact List” option to the Advanced Provisioner UI menu that allows users to edit their contacts per account. There is also the option to import/export a contact list in CSV, all from within Advanced Provisioner.

Bug Fixes:

  • Attention developers! The API smtp_email_address parameter for Faxboxes that was present on previous versions of Kazoo has returned from vacation and is available once again at its new home at _read_only.smtp_email_address!
  • When editing email-to-fax settings, Advanced Callflows was not showing the fax box’s email address, leaving users to guess the address. Since the Internet is a big place, we decided we could help users find the fax box by showing the email address when editing.
  • Devices for accounts with all-digit realms, such as “12453355,” were unable to authenticate because KAZOO parsed them as an IP. We have taught KAZOO the difference and this is now working as expected.
  • SmartPBX was so eager to help with your faxes that it wouldn’t let you change the T.38 settings from “Auto-Detect,” but now you can if you want to. When using CSV Onboarding, manual field mappings weren't being honored if the header names in the CSV weren’t 100% correct upon import. CSV onboarding isn’t as picky anymore.
  • When switching from a media file with your lovely voice to Text-to-Speech within Advanced Callflows, sometimes it would keep playing your original recording. Now the computer will take the reins every time when requested. We had a joke about time travel ... but you guys didn't like it. So instead we fixed a bug that was showing incorrect start times within the SmartPBX call logs.
  • Hey developers, did you get a "503 Service Unavailable" when using the wrong UUID for an object? No more! If a request is made for a UUID that doesn't exist, the API will once again return the classic "404 Not Found.”
  • We all know that it’s tough to sort out when to speak on conference calls-- even KAZOO was getting confused! If a conference started with a custom greeting prompt, KAZOO was playing it after the instructions, instead of prior as expected. We’ve straightened everything out, so KAZOO will play your custom greeting before getting down to business.
  • Calls that ended as they initially were starting could enter a state we refer to as "Schrodinger's Call,” where it was stuck both active and ended. We peeked in the box and all those calls will now end.
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Just an FYI, in case anyone else is having an issue with "no service" messages: Simply changing the SIP credentials in advanced callflows --> devices --> advanced tab --> SIP to another random SIP username and password and saving has seemingly (at least temporarily ) worked around the server not replying to registration request. 

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Contacts!   Has any progress been made on this being supported for Yealink phones?    I jumped the gun when I saw this in provisioner and uploaded a contacts file from yealink, bam -- everything loaded perfectly to the provisioner tool...   but no sync to the users yealink t42.    Would love to see this happen!!!!  Pretty Please :)   eta?

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