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Hotdesking like a pro


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One of our larger clients has begun using hotdesking. Currently the options are very limited: enable on a user, allow to hotdesk to multiple devices, and set a PIN. Looking at github.com I don't see much more information besides those options.

Questions we have,

  1. Is there a way to set a timer so the user auto-logs out?
  2. Is there a way to see who is hotdesking where through the API?
  3. If a user hotdesks a phone it's hard to tell what state the phone is in (default, or hotdesked). Or is there a way for the user sitting at the phone to tell without calling an extension (default or hotdesk) from another phone?


hotdesk.enabled Determines if the user has hotdesking enabled boolean() false false  
hotdesk.id The users hotdesk id string(0..15)   false  
hotdesk.keep_logged_in_elsewhere Determines if user should be able to login to multiple phones simultaneously boolean() false false  
hotdesk.pin The users hotdesk pin number string(4..15)   false  
hotdesk.require_pin Determines if user requires a pin to change the hotdesk state boolean() false false  
hotdesk The user hotdesk parameters object() {} false



action The action to take for hotdesking `string('logout' 'login' 'toggle' 'bridge')`
id Hotdesk ID string()   false  
interdigit_timeout How long, in seconds, to wait between keypresses integer()   false
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1. There is no timer mechanism for auto-logout - you can file a feature request.

2. AFAIK when you fetch the device via API, it will include the user ID(s) who are hotdesked into that device.

3. Not sure what this would look like since a device can potentially have more than one user hotdesked. You can file a feature request to debate possible approaches

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@mc_ I'm late to the party here, but just getting around to working with hotdesking. If I disable hotdesking for a user, should it also clear that user from all the devices where that user has been hot-desked? My testing is showing that the user remains hot-desked, but unable to logout.  

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