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Maximum ad hoc conference participants?

Michael D

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RIA, I advise using a conf brideg in general, but some users love piling up participants (why? so when they get disconnected , you have to disrupt the whole call to add them back in?)
Never worked with Grandstream, good to know they can do 6 adhoc.
Polycom claims they can do up to 4 on a sounpoint IP550
thanks for the feedback
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Hi Michael,
      Katie has correctly answered this question. It's dependent on the manufacturer and the model of the phone. You would find this answer in each phone's documentation, and it varies per phone (though most phones it's you and two other parties max).

     In scenarios where the phone itself is creating the conference, the audio mixing is actually done inside the phone itself, not in our service. Therefore, the limitation is based on the phone's capabilities.
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I'm just curious if there is somewhere in either the advanced provisioner that sets the Polycom IP550 to 3 parties max.
Polycom says they can have 4 . http://community.polycom.com/t5/VoIP/...

By the way, adding manual participants beyond 3 is rare now, since most people figure out using the conference bridge is much better for multiple reasons

Stick a fork in this thread.

Thanks Katie, Darren

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