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  1. Maybe you can use PBX Connector and use Authentication.
  2. SCA is Bsft service. But you can create almost the same feature using blf and call pick up feature in Kazoo.
  3. working on script to create CSV from bsft group. :-) . bulk export -> csv -> bulk import -> done
  4. not sure about the provisioner configuration...
  5. Shout out to all 2600hz staffs and much thanks for the upgrade. All efforts are much appreciated.
  6. http://community.polycom.com/t5/VoIP/SoundPointIP-450-with-4-0-1-13681-blf-working-but-direct-call/t...
  7. You can do 99.99999% up time, because it does... :-)
  8. Amazon Echo and Voice Service ring any ideas with Kazoo?   https://developer.amazon.com/public/solutions/alexa/alexa-voice-service
  9. I noticed the same behavior with other APIs. Need to include exiting data when modifying one or few selected attributes / parameters. I also think it would be great to have SEARCH API - rather than retrieving complete list of items (i.e. full list of devices) and then look for a specific items in your own app. 
  10. Sorry. If it's the conf on the phone, it depends on the phone. Grandstream 22xx support up to 6. Polycom =3. 
  11. Is there BLIND transfer option for BRIA client?  Using my devices (Grandstream, Panasonic), consulted transfer will replace the CLID but BLIND transfer will keep the original caller's number.
  12. When I went to buy a new number with preferred area code, the list keeps on updating with repeated same number list.  Maybe a bug on UI?
  13. Advanced Provisioner -> Account -> device Hold Alert  I think Delay is mis-spelled as Dalay. Or is there another definition for Dalay?
  14. I think the content of "How do I create a Conference Bridge?" in Common Solutions is not correct.
  15. Previously I was told that changes in Monster UI can may cause problems to existing accounts created in kazoo. I was told to use kazoo for any accounts created in kazoo and only use monster UI for the accounts I created with monster UI. Is this still the case?
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