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Monster won't stay logged in for long periods of time

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I've noticed that unlike Kazoo, I can't seem to stay logged into Monster for very long periods of time (i.e. if I log into Monster and then close the browser and try to go back in a few days, I have to sign in again as if the cookies are expiring incredibly fast). I haven't been able to find a specific interval since it's somewhat sporadic, but it seems as if I usually can't stay logged in for more than 24 hours. 

I will say though Kazoo has this issue as well, but it's usually about a week or two and I will get a specific error that pops up ("Error loading account information") at which point it will take me back to the login screen with my username and account name already filled in, I just have to type the password.

Monster does not exhibit the same behavior though and forces me to re-type all three fields.
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Hi Karl,
Thanks for your feedback. Since this was an intentional product decision to improve security, the system is working as intended. However, this request has been submitted as an idea to the product team as a feature request. In the future, if the product is changed in a way that affects this submission, we will update this ticket and let you know!
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