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Upload ring tone to Grandstream 2160

Jack Noe

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Hi, i have a customer with Yealink phones, which i can easily upload the mp3 file.

But there is 1 Grandstream 2160 where which i cannot figure out where to manually upload the ring tone file.

Any one here knows how to upload a ring tone to the phone granstream 2160




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Jack Noe,

Got to http://www.grandstream.com/support/tools

Download The Ring Generator tool

Then do this http://www.grandstream.com/support/faq/common-questions/custom-ringtone-faq

". There are 8 steps to follow using the ringtone generator:

  • Upload the ringtones to a computer.
  • Save the file as a .wav file.
  • Select the appropriate ringtone generator.
  • Open the .exe file and then select (and double click) the ringtone file from your files.
  • Click "generate ringtone file". A .bin file will be created in the folder where the .wav file is located.
  • Put the ring1/ring2/ring3.bin file under HTTP/TFTP server.
  • Enter HTTP/TFTP server IP address in “Firmware Server Path” on Advanced Settings page of web UI.
  • Click on UPDATE and REBOOT the device, just like how we do firmware upgrade.
  • Then, the phone connects to the HTTP/TFTP server and grabs the ring tone file. After the phone downloads the file, the ringtone can be changed by using keypad or web UI. The config tool doesn’t support .mp3 files."



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