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Whisper/eavesdrop on hosted?

Josh Robbins

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@Josh Robbins

Hey Josh,

There is an unsupported module for eavesdrop (written by a third-party) that works okkkkay...It only does eavesdrop, and not whisper or barge. In the hosted platform, there are significant updates required to give/restrict this person from listening to that person, etc. So the business logistics behind it require some deep thought and forward planning + development.

I wonder if the community would be interested in funding 2600 to make it their own and incorporate it into their code base and hosted platform. Unfortunately it's one of those things that customers ask for, and will never use, and so it's never gotten much traction. I've only ever confirmed that it works to "listen in", and it's current state is rudimentary and needs quite a bit of love, for it's rather easy to circumvent the "permissions" required to validate the caller is allowed to listen to the other user. 

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