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  1. Is do not disturb on? Is the phone registered and able to make outbound calls?
  2. You can disable those emails from the "Branding" app if you've got it. Otherwise you can do that with an API call.
  3. This might be one you want to do through the advanced callflow app.
  4. Do they have a specific message that plays on holidays, or does it go to just a generic "we're closed"? If a generic, you could route to branch specific time "checker" call flow and then route to a single holiday flow. If you have a specific message, though you'd have a situation where the office is closed but it is still a holiday. Since it happens in that order you'd hear the closed message.
  5. Used to be possible on the older kazoo-ui but I don't believe it ever was merged over to monster-ui. (within same account at least). Between accounts is totally possible. May be better to build as a separate script or something, but all is possible with the api!
  6. Gotcha, yeah to my knowledge there is no way to increase past what the user can do.
  7. Have they manually increased volume to the max and it still isn't loud enough? We've noticed the default ring tones aren't super loud. One trick we've done in the past is upload custom "obnoxious" ring tones to polycom's before and that seems to work. Not sure how that would work on the 2600hz hosted, though. You have to add a few config lines in the provisioning config.
  8. Or maybe buy a block of DIDs with last 3 or 4 digits matching their extensions and outpulse their direct. Or maybe have the users did outpulse and just have the manager save those all as contacts?
  9. Well, the good news is it is possible and we did that very same thing for that very same reason (large school install). The drawback is that it was quite complex to do and not something that we could really contribute or share because we had to setup servers to handle SMS, email, etc and we weren't able to do it in erlang in the system. Not sure how much that helps you other than to say that it IS possible to do. We built it so that we could even send a phone call that plays an automated message stating a call was made and by whom. (screenshot below) That said, if it is an absolute deal breaker I'd certainly be happy to figure out some type of revenue share or similar and put them on our cluster if there isn't an easier way to do through webhooks or similar.
  10. That'd be great! Either an option or it just reads the caller ID.
  11. We actually have a client where we route them to asterisk for voicemail as a workaround. lol. Can’t remember why vm to email doesn’t work for them. No speakers or something but yeah. We basically route out to asterisk for vm and do it that way. Pita.
  12. If you find out let me know! We actually have this on our radar to try and develop because I don’t think it is possible now.
  13. Well technically anything is possible I suppose? You'd have to change the recording file itself which I've not done before. But once it is changed it should just pull that file instead of the existing one.
  14. Kind of confused - you are using broadsoft as the back end phone system? This forum is for 2600hz (a competitor back end) although who knows, maybe they are working on something I'm not aware of. I can certainly tell you how to do that with the 2600hz backend, but no clue how to use broadsoft.
  15. Hey Jack - the router definitely wouldn't affect things. There are a number of things I know we've seen here, but specifically you might look at your phone configs and see if you can increase the "handset volume" which makes the phones transmit a louder stream. Pretty much every model of phone will have that. Obviously the speaker or handset volume on the receiving end should be checked to see if they have their volume up. If it keeps resetting to a medium volume, there are settings usually to allow for "fixing" the default volume to be higher or to remember the last setting. Here is the setting we use to set the microphone gain (volume) of the phones for Polycom: voice.gain.tx.digital.handset Here are our Polycom settings to make sure the volume settings remember the last settings: voice.volume.persist.handset="1" voice.volume.persist.headset="1" voice.volume.persist.handsfree="1" voice.volume.persist.usb.handsfree="1" voice.volume.persist.usbHeadset="1"
  16. We've done it this way and turned off the "invalid menu" recording and it does seem to work well (with your above flow).
  17. Yep! that is the one. If they aren't using smartpbx, you don't have much of a downfall. The main issue with modifying those callflows is they can be "regenerated", but looks like at least for the 0 it won't affect things like it did. So in your case, you should be able to remove from there, save, and then go in and create a new callflow using 0 and have it do whatever you need.
  18. ^true - just keep in mind the user has to be logged in as super duper because you will have to remove the 0 from the main callflow first which is an automatic one. Otherwise you will get a "must use unique" error when building the new callflow. It does look like smartpbx will rebuild without giving an error though which is great! Before if you tried to hijack 0 to a new advanced callflow you'd get an error when you went back to smartpbx.
  19. By default if using smartpbx, pressing 0 will transfer back to the main callflow. If you want something other than that, you'd have to make a custom advanced callflow for the user, and then you can have their "voicemail" be a menu instead which gives any option.
  20. I believe you can't do this, no. Most of the carriers now are rejecting any non-normal caller ID because of the huge spam calling issues we've been seeing. We recommend clients turn on the "Press 1 to accept the call" feature or use a softphone which you can send callerID info to.
  21. You can definitely use them, just need to contact 2600 to get setup with a contract and then they will get them added to your cluster.
  22. Ahhhh - yeah, unfortunately not to on the system to my knowledge. Beauty of 2600hz is that basically everything is possible if you have someone that knows how to do it.
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