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  1. This is almost creepy, did you just randomly post this? We just had a long long conversation about this yesterday, as Katie noted. haha.
  2. OK, well as long as we're on the same page in regards to how we're going to progress, that's great!
  3. I believe the Automata option (and the blinking light being the only identifier) is actually the correct behavior. It's not supposed to show anything on the screen when the call is parked - the light is simply supposed to illuminate.
  4. Your response indicates you don't understand what back scatter is. What those services are doing is more complex than you're stating as they have (hopefully) accounted for backscatter. Please read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backscatter_%28email%29
  5. Ironically, the current mechanism is to reject the email outright. The error you're receiving is from whomever sends your email to us - they don't even get far enough where we generate a bounce-back. In other words, we deny the SMTP connection. That, inherently, is the problem. We have no opportunity to customize the message much. We can add about 100 characters of clarifying text which may, or may not, end up in the response that YOUR email provider generates to you. But there's no guarantee you'll see anything. We're working on ideas for this.
  6. FYI, we are aware of this and it will improve over time. The main challenge here is unauthorized emails actually might be spam attempting to generate "back scatter". This is a common spam tactic where a spammer intentionally emails a known server that will "bounce" emails, using a forged From: address. This inherently generates a reply to the spammer's target in the form of a bounce.
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