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  1. We use Enterprise Bria/Stretto and create four devices per user and add them to attribute pools. Attributes in the pool are associated to the correct bria user. Works perfect as long as you arent paying per sip device you create.
  2. That API Endpoint was removed for open source users but still live on 2600hz cluster. Most of the functionality is available via /services endpoint.
  3. Can confirm, applied these settings to a sandbox deployment without a bindable external IP and everything worked perfect.
  4. I know @Shah personally, and I know that he is a Microsoft partner and works with Microsoft solutions on a daily basis. If your DM doesn't involve getting Kazoo working in Azure, it will not be useful. If it is about getting Kazoo working in Azure, please do share for the community.
  5. I don't think he is looking for alternatives to Azure. He wants to know how to get Kazoo to work within Azure Cloud. The only issue I can think of is Kamailio not being able to bind to the external IP. Does anyone have config examples of how to use Kamailio when it cannot bind to the external IP? I know someone had got Kazoo working within Docker which would have required a similar type of config.
  6. I believe this is the default behavior when a transferred call is not picked up. Have you tried it?
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