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Looking for feedback on forum improvements

Forum upgrades and improvements  

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  1. 1. What would represent the greatest improvement to the community and forums in your opinion?

    • More support-related content: how-to guides, troubleshooting, use-case exploration, etc.
    • More networking: systems and events [mostly virtual] to encourage folks to chat with one another and potentially collaborate on projects
    • More off-topic stuff: just-for-fun topics and activities to blow off steam and engender familiarity
    • Other: describe in comments or in DM to Dan.

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  • 2600Hz Employees

Hi all, 

Please use the poll and this thread as an opportunity to check in and let me know how we can improve the overall community experience here for all us Herzians, thanks for reading and for your time! 

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I think the top two options are great. Been liking the TWIL. It would be cool to see more advanced unique uses.

  • Tips /Tricks or creative uses - Monster UI apps.
  • Separate section dedicated to each 3rd Party MonsterUI vendors. For Q/A and questions/suggestions. 
  • Product/app showcases that integrate with 2600
  • Codebase sharing ( scripts, web apps ect) that speed up/optimize/improve utilization ect. 
  • Unique issue people have ran into and the fixes for it.
  • Patch Notes posted prior to patch. 
  • Upcoming new feature showcase and Q and A. 
  • Potential new features discussions and suggestions for said feature. 
  • Like the community spotlight. Maybe a forum based showcase focused on business. Marketing tactics that worked, Pricing structures that work well ect. More of a focus on business where we can learn from wins and loses of others. 

Might even be nice to do like employee spotlights. With employee background, field of expertise and what not. Help put a name to a face 

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