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  1. @FASTDEVICE that will not work, how would this make pressing a DoorBell key to ring a phone with a distinctive ringtone? (the one that you suggested will only work for EVERY phone call coming in to that device)
  2. I Would imagine it's possible through the API, but is it possible from the UI To add a custom alert-info Header on a callflow? The use would be to have a distinctive ringtone on a doorbell, Or distinctive ringtone on a certain incoming phone number
  3. how would i fill out the Callflow Name via API? for example i have this code, where do i put the call flow name? http://api.zzzz.com:8000/v2/accounts/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/callflows -d '{"data":{"flow":{"data":{"action":"static","caller_id":{"number":"7777777777","name":"ABC"}},"module":"dynamic_cid","children":{"_":{"data":{"pin":"","use_account_caller_id":false,"interdigit":"7000","preconnect_audio":"dialtone"},"module":"disa","children":{}}}},"numbers":["*1000"],"patterns":[],"id":""}}'
  4. @esoare Can you take a good long ping in the middle of the day to us-west.p.zswitch.net and to the 173.1 IP? Also a trace route to both,
  5. It's very interesting I've already been logged into about 20 Clients and all of them have the same results high pings and packet loss , And it's only in the middle of the day......
  6. Hi, Is anyone who has Verizon FIOS having issues lately with the US-east? we’re having for the last I would say 2 weeks or maybe even more, high pings and a lot of packet loos to us-east, and this is only happening on FIOS customers Interesting part is that pinging .70.1 or 70.10 is good ( I guess it’s in the same datacenter) only the 2600HZ IPs are bad, and its happening only during working hours, about 10-4, we are not getting anywhere with Verizon, they keep saying that up till the IP 70.3 everything looks good, (and it does, the last hop to that IP by level 3 is also very good) How could we start to troubleshoot to see where the issue is? Thanks,
  7. when you have "Call Forwarding Failover" on, the option Require Key Press - Leave voicemail on forwarded numbers is not working, the FW number voicemail will always pickup,
  8. sorry for bumping this, i need to turn OFF sip ALG, from the info i got here is that clicking the check enable consistent NAT Turns off ALG, but other websites say that to turn off ALG it should not be checked, https://support.siteserver.com/kb/a109/sonicwall-disabling-sip-alg.aspx http://www.surevoip.co.uk/support/wiki/troubleshooting:sip_alg:sonicwall so what is it?
  9. We have a client constantly complaining that people can't hear the voice because it's very quiet, is it possible to change the voice and make it higher so that people outside the office should hear louder? Or is it possible on a yealink phone to change the outgoing voice to make it higher? Thank you.
  10. @hesaam i may have gotten different information, on the hosted Does it show more than 30 days or not show more than 30 days? (are voicemails getting deleted older than 30 days?) Edit: thanks @hesaam I know the answer,
  11. Good to know all the educational stuff, but as the subject says "on the hosted system"
  12. I do not believe the DND changes anything on the server, when you set a phone to DND and call the extension, the phone is getting the call but it only gets rejected, I like to completely disable the feature of DND on phones, a lot of headaches and frustrated users when they have the phone on DND and they don't even know what it means.
  13. Not sure this is the place to discuss, but I got a quite a few complains that voicemails have been deleted, and I also see on our account all voicemails are missing past 30 days,
  14. Hi all, Are voicemails being systematically deleted from the hosted platform and if so what are the time limits?
  15. Thank you understood, Let me go a step further, is it possible to transfer back a phone call ( was transferred to a cell) from cell phone to the office phone? Let's say you get a forwarded call on your cell phone, and you would like to transfer it back to one secretary is possible to press something like *2101?
  16. I may have asked ones but do not have an answer, what is the Feature Code "move 6683" ?
  17. Hi all, whats the best/most efficient or officially supported media file format to upload, MP3 or Wav? (I know asterisk doesn't play well with a lot of MP3 files) and what Bitrate? Thank you,
  18. why don't you change the media file? Let's say in all ring groups you have the music on hold selected "mainMOH" go to media and change the .WAV file only on one place
  19. Never ever tried an probably not working , but if you're routing to a user that is forwarded to *3701 (park) would that work?
  20. anyone know what the new option in ring group "Number of times to ring members" is?
  21. Okay makes more sense, as I never create the number in smart PBX, I don't remember clicking and smart PBX Main number ever, but possible, at least I know not to click on that tab so the 0 shouldn't be created for now, What I'm doing till now, is creating a call flow in advance callflow with a number 0, that goes back to their main menu - for those clients that really don't want an option 0 on a menu,
  22. It doesn't make sense smart PBX should hijack the 0 when the DID and menu is in advanced call Flow,
  23. Hi Karl, this is on production, and its with every account and every menu,
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