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  1. If you have issues with Mobile data either use a stun server, or charge the APN settings to use IPV4 not IPV6, somehow 2600HZ is not working well with IPV6,
  2. Hi, is there a way we can block the configuration changes in the 2 tabs "Storage Settings" "Configuration" and still allow a user to listen to call recordings?
  3. they also need to change the forward number... so what is the "update call Forwarding" in advanced call flows? what is the use of the Call Forwarding section in advanced call flows
  4. Hi, i Would like to give the ability for a client to transfer his phones and un-transfer his phones from the outside, (from his cell phone) what's the easiest way to do that?
  5. Ha ha I sort of may have already told clients 6 months ago
  6. The solution is not private cloud.. the solution is to enable it on hosted
  7. Yes it is, https://2600hz.atlassian.net/browse/KAZOO-5203?filter=-2
  8. As I understand from @Darren Schreiber It' not possible
  9. Maybe it's just me, but I would have not accepted such a client in the 1st place, the liability and the headache that comes with it is not worth,
  10. May not be exactly what you asked, but if you must have that, you cannot take Grandstream phones, Grandstream has a feature in the phone to send an email on an "incoming call" event
  11. Not worried about clients using API, Most of them don't even know what CMD is or even how to download teamviewer😊😊 But they sure know how to go into the Web and start clicking buy numbers....
  12. YES YES, was asking for this a long time ago, i hope there will be a way to disable clients with access to buy numbers, and disable clients with access to add devices,
  13. So When are we going on unemployment? Darren You want to sell the company while it's still last for a few bucks?
  14. This is not a political form and please do not bring up any political opinions but as a matter of fact, I would like to get the community's opinion, would repealing Net Neutrality hurt us small local Voip providers? What would be the chances of Internet providers throttling SIP traffic, Or even blocking SIP traffic only if you pay more money, because they want you to use their own phones solution? There may be a lot of fear mongering, but for those who have an informed opinion I would like to know what is true and what is not true, Thank you!
  15. There's a new option in each prepend, To either ignored the old ones or to add to the old prepends, I'm not by a computer so I'm not sure what the options are, but look at the prepare box,
  16. how does park work on polycom phones? i am getting a client who is using Polycom and he has 2 keys for park, he wants to park a call with pressing only 1 key, like on the Yealink phones, not by pressing transfer and then the park slot, EDIT: sorry i asked before reading what Automata is
  17. this issue is still happening in a FMFM,
  18. but when you have 5 callers in the call flow how can you make sure you will the calls in order? 1st then 2nd?
  19. i was looking in the sandbox call center app but i could not find all the options like if the user should hear a beep - if the caller should hear "you are the 3rd in line" - What interval should those messages play, are the option available in call center?
  20. a user wants to have 1 phone and all incoming calls should hear MOH if he is on the phone (doesn't want to get any beeps) when he hangs up with the 1st caller the phone should ring with the next caller, he hangs up with the 2nd caller the phone should ring with the 3rd caller..... how would i set that up?
  21. I do not believe you can use one key for 2 separate accounts impossible,
  22. Ok simple, When your getting a call on your cell phone both from a ring group and from a FMFM 1) pick up the call when the system says "this is a forwarded call press 1 to except 2 to reject" just hang up, Then you will get the call again, (I guess it might be related, when you press 2 to reject, nothing happens it starts again "this is a forwarded call press 1 to except 2 to reject")
  23. I had The same issue a few times where I rejected a call and a second later got the same call about 2 or 3 times, But in testing today in the morning I was not able to see what the issue is, I'll do a bit more testing tomorrow (I think it only happens on FMFM not if your cellphone is in a ring group)
  24. We have doorbell ringtone on every phone, But I don't want a doorbell ring tone when you dial extension to extension, (It's not only a doorbell, we have many times customers telling us when someone calls into a specific number there should be a different ringtone) The 2nd part you mentioned about the phone recognizing a number, for that we need to add a full contact, I was hoping I can just add an alert info header at the beginning of a call flow,
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