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  1. Is this a bug or on purpose? whenever you have a menu and there's no option 0 specified in the menu, but when call in and press 0 ( like most people usually do.... ) it goes to a recording that says "the recording for this menu has not been set" if you know the pin number.... shouldn't it say "invalid entry"
  2. where can you select the Stream URL on a dropdown? i cant find it....
  3. any idea when it will be available in the GUI? also FASTDEVICE if ihave a linux web server how do i creat a SHOUT link? i just host the file online and point to it?
  4. I see on every new account created a call flow called "Silent Callflow" with call Flow number 999992 what is it for anyone knows?
  5. @fastdevice that is exactly what we are looking for, nothing fancy-simple, how can we put our hands on this?
  6. Yeah we're also looking for that I actually have to move a client away from 2600 because they need CDR analysis,
  7. Rick, you can be sure this will be fixed We were also getting those complains a lot until I decided to go down to a client and listen to him explaining the issue,  as he did it with us multiple times I started seeing a pattern that it happens only at a certain scenario,   and once you have the reproducible steps, it's nothing to find a solution,  like on all technical difficulties
  8. Hi, just had another client, and i'm able to reproduce it, (it is a bit different then the original post)  Darren you can take a look at ticket 30462
  9. It's not what I see, When a regular call comes into a phone I do see the caller ID name and number, But when a call comes in and is routed to PBX connector it always has the number as the name,
  10. can PBX connector also send the Caller ID name?    it looks like PBX connector is sending now the caller ID number as the name, is it possible to change?
  11. Hi Rick, 1) Call in and place the call on park with a DSS key “call Park *3701” 2) Wait for the park ring back 3) While it's ringing pick up that parked call on a different phone with a DSS key “call Park *3701”
  12. Forget it I'm able to reproduce it,  I'll rather open a ticket
  13. We've gotten quite a few complaints, after picking up a call from park it goes back into park automatically after about a minute, we've had those complaints for months, but I think lately I've heard more and more of those, Has anyone had this Behavior? Or can guide us in the right direction where I'm even starting to look? Thanks,
  14. Would be very very helpful for us... 6279611@gmail.com
  15. Could you please share your solution?  we really need to have call recording
  16. anyone knows a time frame when the call recording app will be available?  Thanks,
  17. i think the newer FW are better, (we are not pushing it, but that's what the client has) 
  18. the issue is i dont understand what it does.... of course i would like to turn OFF sip ALG
  19. does Enable consistent NAT on a sinicwall router need to checked or unchecked?  i see on lots on VOIP sites conflicting settings,
  20. Or you can use the new 2600HZ Mobile hotspot
  21. Try onvoy-broadvox, should come out to about .0035
  22. I believe the streaming music on hold should be released in the UI soon, It's already in the sandbox
  23. on Yealink when you set to zero, the phone will lookup the SRV and go based on the SRV port, (the SRV port on the 2600hz DNS is port 7000) Darren said in the last webinar that they will do 1 webinar for Phone failover, i think it's very useful for questions like, will the phone failover when the proxy not down completely down? only issues with call routing etc.. How long does it usually take for a phone to fail over to a different proxy,  After failing over do we need to restart in order for BLF to work? How can we test failover so  when we really need it, we should be confident that it's working
  24. A new potential client is asking us for call screening, (a call comes in, the caller will state their name, and then the extension that picks up, has the option either to send the call to voicemail or to accept the call) I was looking for it I couldn't find that option, is there such an option right now? Thanks all,
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