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  1. This is already addressed in 4.1. There is now a blacklist of private numbers flag, and it will block them with a smarter routine that checks the headers without you having to specify the numbers like before. Check https://github.com/2600hz/kazoo/blob/master/applications/crossbar/doc/blacklists.md- it's listed as "should_block_anonymous"
  2. Mind pasting the JSON you ended up with for reference?
  3. You can just loop through a CSV (I think that's what you meant?) and use the API to add each person.
  4. So I'm not 100% sure but I believe the change was made for any media handling. So if you just make a media node but set it to shout:// it should also work, then you make a callflow that plays that media node. The validation might be restricting this, though, so not 100% sure on that.
  5. Still not getting this. What's the use case? Like, you dial a number, it's a callflow to play media, but the media is really a shoutcast URL? Are you streaming a radio show with a call-in number or something?
  6. I'm not sure I understand this request? What do you mean "providing us a device". Like, setup a server that streams media? I don't understand.
  7. This is correct. You can set { "data" : { "music_on_hold": { "media_id" : "shout://" } } } on your account. We're working on ways to expose this in the GUI but for those who really need it, it's there!
  8. Peter Lau and I have been discussing the new 81.x firmware, we are working hard to get that out and supported across the board.
  9. I believe all these scenarios are now resolved, and there was also an issue where, in the process of attempting to fix the items you all were reporting, the "ring back" from a parked slot no longer had the parking slot number in the Caller ID. That's also resolved. Let us know if you're still having issues here.
  10. Hi everyone, A lot of times folks are hesitant to try a new software product. Your time is worth something and spending effort learning and configuring a service that won't do what you ultimately want can be a waste. So, ask any questions you have first - right here in our pre-flight forum!
  11. Hi everyone! Welcome to the release information forum. This section is special - it will be used only for information about new releases. A post will be created only when a new release is available, and each release will be marked as experimental, staging or stable. The idea is to provide a quick and easy place to see when something new is coming out, and to learn what's in the new release. Also, you can ask release-specific questions in the comments. Hope this helps you keep your install up to date with ease!
  12. OK, I'm guessing you hit the timer.
  13. Is this old provisioner or new provisioner? (prv.zswitch.net is old old, p3.zswitch.net is new)
  14. There is no ban for that IP address at this time. The provisioner ban lasts 60 minutes if you make more than I believe 10 or 15 requests to invalid/non-existant phones in a 5 minute period.
  15. Sorry, no, code was committed this morning but we don't roll this during the day, we'll roll the fix tonight. I'll put a notice on the status page.
  16. Tuly for the win - thank you for the second successful debug. I am going to find a prize to give you for reporting such amazing reproduction steps. You are literally my hero this month. Luis has committed a patch for this bug, too, which is apparently different than the original one you reported.
  17. Hmmmm does this match what other people are doing or is this coincidental?
  18. If you had these two issues: 1) Remote reboot didn't work via Advanced Provisioner or SmartPBX 2) Clearing a voicemail via the GUI didn't clear the MWI light Both issues are resolved. An unexpected removal of some old servers in ORD (that were actually still apparently sending out these packets) resulted in the packets no longer sending out. Took us a bit to realize this was what was going on. Sorry for the trouble.
  19. Correct. The issue Luis fixed I believe had to do with the fact that the phones were in the process of being "rung back" and when that timer expired, but infact the parking lot had "cleared" on a different phone, the system erroneously thought the lack of the person picking up the rung-back phone (despite it being picked up elsewhere) meant the call was not picked up, and thus, put the phone back on hold (hence the person suddenly switching back to hold). But that would require: 1) The call to actively be ringing BACK to the original parker 2) The call to be picked up on a different phone Which does not appear to be what you're reporting.
  20. Scroll up :-) Read Tuly's recreate steps. We were able to recreate that, and then we were able to fix it, and then we confirmed with Tuly it wasn't happening anymore. In your case, you're reporting slightly different behavior.
  21. Yup, noted. You captured one example, so Dave pulled it up and attached logs privately to the ticket for the engineers. I've asked them to make this the second high priority today (MWI random issue reports is first).
  22. We are looking into this. Oddly the last person who reported this (Tuly) said we resolved it, and it was confirmed by another client. But now you are reporting it again, which is weird. But you're also reporting it in a different scenario (not via the ring-back scenario Tuly originally noted). So it sounds like there's really two bugs of some sort, and we've fixed one, but perhaps another one is still lingering. The more examples you can provide the better, helps speed up our resolution (since we don't know how to recreate this one).
  23. PBX Connector passes whatever your PBX sends. The number will be in the name field if no Caller ID Name lookup is enabled on the inbound number.
  24. No need to alpha - this is now on production on hosted and available to other platforms as well if you contact sales.
  25. This issue has been resolved last weekend I believe. Should not be occurring anymore (and has been confirmed by at least one of the posters on this thread).
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