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  1. Hey Everyone!We have had a few requests for Grandstream models, so we have added them in the UI. If you are on our hosted platform, you should now see the following models of phones/ATAs available for auto-provisioning! GXP2130, GXP2135, GXP2140, GXP2160, GXP2170, HT502, HT502 FAX, HT704, HT704 FAX
  2. Hi Corey, we do not offer internet/API text based messaging at this time. It's on our road map but not slated for development in the near term.
  3. Hi All, Just wanted to update this thread with news that this ticket was approved and worked for 4.0. https://2600hz.atlassian.net/browse/K... is only for the API, I don't believe we've exposed it in the front end at this time. I'll check into see if it's possible to file a front end ticket. This will be available to you when your installation is upgraded to Kazoo 4.0.In the documentation, the relevant piece is below:Key Description Type Default Requiredringtones object {} falseringtones.external The alert info SIP header added when the call is from internal sources string(0..256) falseringtones.internal The alert info SIP header added when the call is from external sources string(0..256) false
  4. Hi Jeff,There is some documentation here on Caller ID prepend. Does that help? https://github.com/2600hz/kazoo/blob/...
  5. Hi esoare, the backend will be ready with 4.0, but I don't know if we will have it productized and easy to use on the front end. Most likely we will update this thread with a manual configuration when we have it. Thanks!
  6. Hi Everyone! Product is currently looking for ALPHA testers for a new Call Center related product that incorporates Queues and a Live Dashboard. We need some assistance with: 1) Load test basic APIs on a sandbox server OR 2) Click testing UI elements that may never see the light of day If you're interested in helping us test, please click this private link and let us know, and we will be reaching out to interested parties with more testing information shortly.
  7. Hi Marie,  This is a great idea and we'll look at implementing it in the short term. Keep an eye on this space for updates. Thanks!
  8. Travis, Thanks for the suggestion. We'll look into getting it added back.
  9. Hi Karl, Provisioner fixes are a priority and we will definitely let you know when they are slated to be released. Thanks much.
  10. Hi Raj, Unfortunately, there is no method for loading an audio file into a voice mailbox as a new message at this time.
  11. Hi Rick, Your request for API documentation for the Reseller Accounting tool has been acknowledged. I will update this thread when I know more about what we're going to be able to provide. Thanks!
  12. Hi Rick, We've added this as a ticket to support this model in the future. Thanks!
  13. Hi Marie, Unfortunately, there is currently no plan to add Toshiba phones to the system. Please contact your sales rep if you would like additional options regarding adding non-supported phone models to the system.
  14. Hi Tony, Thanks for pointing this out. This request was received by the Product Team and is under review. We will update this ticket when the review process is complete. Thank you!
  15. Hi Michael, Call barge & whisper are generally features associated with Call Center functionality, and we are aware of the utility. While I can't discuss roadmap on community, please keep an eye on this space for further developments down the line.
  16. Hi Marie, Some of our current customers use a recorded extesion vs. an unrecorded extension and transfer between the two when they wish to activate recording. In a future release, we may support more recording functionality, but right now it is no different from default Freeswitch.
  17. Hi Rick, Thanks for your suggestion! Voice Transcription would most likely require us to use a 3rd party service, and is not currently a part of our product roadmap. However, I have added it as a user story in JIRA for consideration by product. In the meantime, if it is imperative for customer support, I recommend looking into using your own 3rd party service, and using theAPIs to send the voicemail files over from Freeswitch.
  18. Hi @Raj, ACD is an open source only module for now, and is not officially supported by 2600hz at this time.
  19. Hi Karl, Thanks for your feedback. Since this was an intentional product decision to improve security, the system is working as intended. However, this request has been submitted as an idea to the product team as a feature request. In the future, if the product is changed in a way that affects this submission, we will update this ticket and let you know!
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