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  1. The primary problem with ring-all is that it is terribly inefficient. It is basically a ring group, however interestingly enough even more inefficient then just using ring groups. IIRC the current version of Callcenter Basic will allow you to set Ring All as an option. If you are using Pro or the option is not there then you must resort to using the API to set it.
  2. Ring all is possible, with limitations (iirc we support a max of 10 agents). However it's use is highly discouraged.
  3. Just to clarify, if you have a callflow that is assigned to 456 the call will route to that callflow. Skill based matching will only come into play if the call is routed to a skill based queue via a callflow. If 456 is the callflow of a non-queue entity the call will simply route there.
  4. That is not currently supported. We are in the process of designing updates around distinctive ring, and when that is complete this will be possible.
  5. We are currently in the process of developing a CRM Integration App for Kazoo, we can certainly look into vTiger support. What features / functionality are you interested in for this integration? Basically what level of integration are you looking for, just posting call details for inbound / outbound calls? Click-to-call? Call recordings?
  6. Something like this? Not sure offhand who would be the expert on this. But it certainly sounds like a valid use case that would be good to add. I would recommend filing a feature request with the UI team about it.
  7. Sorry about that, was distracted last week with some other higher priority things. I will get that documentation update pushed today. The API exists because we use it internally for testing.
  8. Brian, That documentation is a bit out of date, I will update it today to reflect the current status of that functionality. The Eavesdrop / Whisper / Barge functionality is part of the upcoming Callcenter PRO. It is not enabled on the currently deployed Callcenter.
  9. There is no official 2600hz Callcenter app that supports ACDC.
  10. We are targeting a January / February timeframe for the release at this time.
  11. That ability will be included in the upcoming Call Center Pro app.
  12. Call Center Pro is being worked on now, we hope to have a beta available (specifically for the event feed) and deployed on our sandbox system soon. There are a lot of things that we will be improving and including, I don't know that a full list has actually been assembled yet, but I will check on that. I will see what the status of the videos is.
  13. Jack, Both of those capabilities are being addressed by the "Event Feed" feature that we are currently working on for Call Center Pro. The mockups for these and some more detail was announced at KazooCon. Please let me know if you would like to discuss this in more detail or have any other questions.
  14. Eavesdrop / Whisper / Barge is currently in testing for Callcenter, it will be available with our Callcenter Pro offering. Look for news about this soon!
  15. @SPC-Tim You can file a ticket to have that functionality in the UI if you would like. You may also use the recipient status API call, and pass a "queue_id", documentation can be found here: https://docs.2600hz.com/qubicle/doc/crossbar/qubicle_recipients/#set-recipient-status
  16. This can be done via API calls, however it is not currently exposed in the basic UI.
  17. The device availability will not affect the status of the agent.
  18. Currently you can leave an agent signed in for any length of time. The only thing that prevents 24/7 logged in agents from having a true no-hands-on experience is the need for them to log in after an upgrade or restart of the system. The ability to persist logins across restarts to achieve always-logged-in agents is something that has been requested by several people, and we are actively investigating implementing that.
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