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SMS client for PC & Mobil

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On 1/22/2021 at 7:20 AM, FASTDEVICE said:

We are offering SMS to Email/ Email to SMS functionality that works seamlessly with 2600hz SMS.

@FASTDEVICE please post pricing or send me a DM for pricing. We'd be interested in exploring your capabilities to see if it could work for some of our customer requests. Please note we also built out an SMS system unrelated to Kazoo (before they supported SMS) and might be updating it to work with Kazoo, so if you have concerns about competitors or anything like that ignore this. We don't steal IP or anything like that but just wanted to be transparent.

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We are in production with our Email to SMS/ SMS to Email and SMS Forwarding application and looking for a few more strategic partners for our phase two "load testing" rollout while our Monster Application is under development. We are providing functionality for free during the test period and you must be on the 2600hz shared hosting environment to qualify.  Please PM me for more details.     

Email-to-SMS/SMS-to-Email and SMS forwarding features will allow resellers to sell message (SMS/MMS) enabled telephone numbers and use email as the main way to send and receive those messages (Conversational Text Messaging). It’s intuitive for business users and gives sales teams unlimited possibilities to communicate with clients. You can select a single user or have many users share a single telephone number. Additional features include auto-respond and forward SMS to email using your own distribution list of recipients.

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We are now feature complete with our all new web-browser based SMS Chat application. It supports team functionality with multi-user / multi-number support, natural 2-way text messaging from most browsers, auto-reply, canned responses, and much more. Great for service teams, hospitality seating  and curbside pickup, insurance, real-estate, and etc. Fully supports 2600hz SMS messaging. We are offering a 30 day free trial.  Sign-up here: https://msg.chatsrv.net/register 

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