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Branding Idea

Katie Orton

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Yes, this is exactly what it's used for. It is only used by the UI to automatically generate the realm domain of the accounts created under the white-labeled UI.
This fixes the issue where you would add sub-account and let Kazoo generate the realm for you, as it would default it to xxxx.sip.2600hz.com.
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As soon as you save a template in the Branding app it will update your account to use our new notification engine. All the old templates will no longer be used and you'll have to re-define all your templates via the Branding app. If you haven't touched any template in the Branding app, then your old templates will still be used.
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I received an email welcome message this morning after creating a new pbx account in Monster UI.  Did my customer receive this or just me?  It is referencing 2600hz!  I assume I will need to customize for my company in the branding App but this App is not in Monster UI.

Here is sample of the message sent:

From: <no_reply@api001.ewr.p.zswitch.net>
Date: Fri, May 15, 2015 at 8:53 AM
Subject: Your new 2600hz VOIP Services Account
To: marie

Thank you for registering!Welcome

Your new 2600hz VOIP Services has been setup!

To login please vist https://portal.zswitch.net/

For help or questions using your phone or voicemail, please contact (415) 886-7900 or email support@2600hz.com

Porting Numbers

Here is info on how to port numbers to your new account.

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