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Branding Idea

Katie Orton

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I'm curious about this too. Darren mentioned he wanted us to start using the MonsterUI exclusively, and I want to be using it aswell. But because there's issues going back and forth between KazooUI and Monster and my clients still have to login via KazooUI, I'm forced to do all of my production work in KazooUI still. :(
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First off, Excellent job getting the Branding App Launched!

I'm trying to determine why I cannot create Branding of my Reseller Sub accounts

See diagram :

I get this when I try to set up branding under the sub account:

This is possible in the Kazoo UI.

Am I doing this incorrectly?

Thank you

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Thank you all so much for your initial feedback! You can find official 2600hz documentation on branding here: https://2600hz.desk.com/customer/portal/articles/1948772-branding?b_id=8706

Please feel free to post follow-up questions in the community if you see anything else you'd like explained in the documentation. 
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