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Paging via phones with call groups

Anthony Goss

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There is an alternative way that doesn't need to traverse the cloud  and responds instantly. In many brand IP Phones, (Yealink my favorite) there is a config section for Multicast Listening. In that section, there is usually 10 groups that you can assign.

My preference is to assign: as Page 1 as Page 2

Then, program a DSS key as type "Multicast Paging" with one of the IP page addresses as the value. 

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We've been doing this for a while with Yealink phones as well, for the same reasons stated by Karl.  The paging in the Kazoo UI is easy to setup and use, but the delay drives people crazy when waiting for the function to answer, and then hearing their delayed voice while they are trying to speak.  We switched to using the multicast features on the Yealink phones about a year ago and it works great, just a little more involved to setup and manage since we can't use the Provisioner to do it.
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The danger with the multicast suggestion is all phones must be on the same network and usually same manufacturer. Otherwise, yes, this is a VoIP-wide issue. If the system is not on-prem then you basically have to dump users into a conference bridge and it's slow. We might be able to speed it up some, but otherwise the Multi-cast idea is good.

I'll talk to Peter Lau about exposing this in Advanced Provisioner. Good idea, although people may not "Get it" so we have to watch what we offer.
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I have a customer who leases out office space to lawyers. Each "tenant" is given a phone, but not phone service.
What they do get is a service where the main desk secretary will page a particular lawyer when a client comes in via a legacy PBX.
At first I thought I'd have to pay for each phone to be an extension, even though they might be using a different phone service (I guess on a different line). But according to what I'm reading here is it possible to set a paging scenario in one building without using Kazoo (of course I'll push for them to use Kazoo...)?
Am I reading this correctly?
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I wonder if a record then play option would work? (then they wouldn't notice the delay)

There are devices out there, that are made specifically to cancel out screaching of speakers, when a phone is next to one.

So the Idea is.

Hit Page.
Hear a Tone.
Record the message.
Hang Up.

The Kazoo platform "pages all the phones"
The recorded message Play's across all the phones
Kazoo hangs up.
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