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Park Ring-back Timeout


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i am trying to extend the Park ring-back timeout (when no one picks up a parked call, after 120 seconds it will ring back, to remind that someone is on park) i am doing the below with API, but its not changing the timeout

http://SERVER:8000/v2/accounts/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/callflows/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -d '{"data":{"flow":{"data":{"action":"auto"},"default_ringback_timeout":240000,"module":"park","children":{}},"patterns":["^\\*3([0-9]*)$"],"featurecode":{"name":"park_and_retrieve","number":"3"},"ui_metadata":{"version":"3.22-34","ui":"monster-ui","origin":"callflows"},"numbers":[], "id":"CALLFLOW_ID"}}'

here is the gitub link

anyone knows what am doing wrong?
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you're almost there :)

...{"data":{"action":"auto"},"default_ringback_timeout":240000,"module"....     should be

the doc shows that the fields are under the "data" object
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Few examples that we had,

A doctor's office calls us, a client calls in, she runs up the step ladder to look up the chart for the client, (still old-fashioned) while she's looking for the file, the phone rings again.... she drops the file runs down the stepladder, runs back to the phone only to see that it's the call that she just placed on Park..... she said for a doctor's office at least 5 minutes is normal to have someone on Park,

Then there's the plumbing supply store, all calls are coming into the main secretary, and she distributes the calls if there's a call to the counter which she's placing on Park, and announce it on the loudspeaker, and no one picks up after 60 seconds she must reroute the call or take the order by phone, ( that's how it was with their old phone system, and that's a business decision they have made not to let anyone on hold more than 60 Seconds)
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I couldn't agree more! :-) Our clients seem to all want something wildly different, so just being able to set it custom on each account without going through a ton of API calls would be huge.

One of the things we love about the 2600hz platform is that we can customize all sorts of things on a per-account basis (i.e. extension length, feature codes, hold music, etc). Having the flexibility to be able to customize this too (easily through the GUI) would be awesome.
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On 2/18/2017 at 4:40 PM, Darren Schreiber said:

I think we should add this to the GUI for configuration. But, question - do people not like the default? What are your clients telling you about this?


On 2/18/2017 at 6:03 PM, Darren Schreiber said:

Got it. This is awesome feedback. Thanks.

I'll pass it along!

I created this link in Product FeedBack 


My customer wants 5 minutes... Basically the operator sometimes needs to consult for quite awhile on callers accounts... any news on getting into the UI? 

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On 9/25/2017 at 5:59 PM, JR^ said:

Thanks for the report guys, we've pushed a new feature to Advanced Callflows in 4.1 and above, that will show an icon next to feature code that have configuration settings available. See picture below!

It will be available on Hosted in our next update!


This is a great feature when you are making and receiving calls directly to your DID, If you are using the company's main # that has an IVR menu seemingly it does not ring back 

Any way to set call park to ring back to a call group or any other way to get this to work when you are using  main number as caller id that has an  IVR menu ? 

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