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  1. Hi 2600hz, We read your Notes on HIPAA Compliance Responsibilities. Thank you. We have our customer asks us about HIPAA to store voicemails. Is there an information on how the reseller can setup the external storage for the voicemail if it is within the AWS or Google Drive? Also, how do we set it up on our own server? Thanks, Dhruv
  2. Hi @Izabell balash, Chuck & I have been trying to get SMS working on our Bria’s apps without any success. We have written up the attached set of steps we have taken to set up both SMS and XMPP on our Bria mobile apps. We hope that you or another community member might see what we are missing. Thanks so much, Dhruv D3UC unable to get SMS working on Bria -- description of steps taken.pdf
  3. Hi, I have enabled voicemail transcription for my user but it doesn't have transcribe the VM in the email yet. I've also set send emails to an alternate address. Thanks, Dhruv
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