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Call Center App

Jack Noe

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Hi all 

We started using the queues, the call center app. 

There are few basic features which are important for a call center.

I'll start with those.

1- I cannot see who is waiting in the queue, i can only see the amount of callers waiting in the queue, but not the phone numbers of those waiting.

2- I cannot see history of the queue, the missed calls. I can see the total missed calls but not the phone numbers of those calls missed.


Does anyone know is this addressed in the Call Center Pro ?

Or is there any way how to make this work ? 









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Both of those capabilities are being addressed by the "Event Feed" feature that we are currently working on for Call Center Pro.  The mockups for these and some more detail was announced at KazooCon.  Please let me know if you would like to discuss this in more detail or have any other questions.

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Call Center Pro is being worked on now, we hope to have a beta available (specifically for the event feed) and deployed on our sandbox system soon.

There are a lot of things that we will be improving and including,  I don't know that a full list has actually been assembled yet, but I will check on that.

I will see what the status of the videos is.

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Community-supported call queue app is acdc - open source, free to use on your own installation.

Qubicle is our paid call center application. There is talk of a "lite" version being free to use / open source but nothing available yet. When the app store is ready, there will be a way to purchase Qubicle for self-managed installations.

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