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  1. We have a few accounts with offices in different timezones and I thought it would be helpful to show the timezone on the voicemail email if they forward the email between offices and are trying to figure out what the actual time when the voicemail was received was.

    I used the dropdown and added user.timezone but it just doesn't show anything when I left a test voicemail. My full string is: 

    {{date_called.local|date:"l, F j, Y @ g:i A"}} {{user.timezone}}

    Which when I tested it just now it shows:

    Monday, October 16, 2017 @ 8:17 PM

    (simply missing the timezone at the end)

    Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

  2. So I'm curious here...

    We have some clients who either:

    a) just want to close the office early some days (meaning they just want to start the normal after hours, or "all other times" TOD, earlier in the day)


    b) want to activate an override of all TOD functions until further notice (i.e. a snow day where they record a special holiday voicemail and want all calls to go to that voicemail box until further notice)

    Does anyone have a good idea on how to accomplish both of these together, with BLF keys that will illuminate simply when the after hours or holiday TODs are active (one for "after hours" and one for "holiday")? The issue with the methods above is that if the client let's say activates their after hours early, they then have to manually reset it in the morning. Also, the BLF key won't illuminate if the system is automatically closing them so having a BLF key is misleading, other than telling them that something out of the ordinary is happening. I'm guessing that two features would need to be added to accomplish this: 1) A way to "schedule" presence updates at certain times, and 2) A way to "schedule" TOD resets to happen when a normal TOD would change the behavior.

    Does anyone have a programmable thermostat? It would work the same way...you schedule the temperatures you want based on the days and times. If you go and change the temperature with the up/down arrows, it holds the temperature that you set until the next scheduled temperature change and then resets and goes back to what it's scheduled to do (this would be the equivalent of closing the office early). Or if you change the temperature and then press override, it will keep the temperature at the temperature you set until further notice (this would be the equivalent of a snow day).

    Or maybe all of this is possible and I'm missing something?? :-)

  3. If you want to further complicate things haha, you can also assign a BLF key on the phone to monitor the status of each time of day. Basically you'd setup a call flow like Fast Device mentioned, but also have it update a random presence number. Then you'd set a BLF key for each time time of day with the presence number(s) you used, and the one that was active would be lit up. The issue is this wastes BLF keys if you're using a phone that doesn't have many. And then it requires at least four keys (one to update the time of day for A, one to update the time of day for B, one for the light for time of day A and one for the light for time of day B), versus some customers may be used to an older-style PBX system where you simply turn "night mode" on and off with one button, and that same button lights up when it's on. This is one thing I wish we could do that we can't!

  4. This is fantastic! Thanks so much!


    Quick question: what is the difference between ring back timeout and call back timeout? I am guessing ring back is the time it's been in park before it rings back, and call back timeout is how long it rings back the phone before going back to park?

  5. 21 minutes ago, JR^ said:

    I think going forward the best way would be to create media that allow for a Stream URL, but it requires some back-end work. Would you mind filing a ticket against the back-end for this?

    Feel free to also file a ticket for the UI to add a Stream URL field to the media dropdown in ring groups!

    KAZOO-5669 and UI-2890
    Thank you!

  6. On 8/11/2017 at 10:50 AM, JR^ said:

    It was added to 4.1 indeed, in adv. callflows, when dropping a Media Node, you'll now have the option to enter a Shoutcast URL or pick one of your existing medias.

    @JR^ - So I see this now which is awesome, but the option doesn't exist in ring groups :-( We have a client who wants to hear a SHOUTcast URL stream for the ringback music in ring groups. Can we either have the stream URL option available in ring groups, or have the ability to create a media file that is just a stream URL?

  7. 4 hours ago, fmateo05 said:

    I had made it work by editing ecallmgr document into system_config schema, in couchdb. Changing "default_ringback": "%(2000,4000,440,480)",  to "default_ringback": "$${hold_music}" and then restart ecallmgr service

    Hmm, unfortunately that wouldn't work on hosted :-/

  8. 16 hours ago, Tuly said:

    Never ever tried an probably not working , but if you're routing to a user that is forwarded to *3701 (park) would that work?

    Nope, doesn't work :-/ 

    Plus even if it does work, the user would hear "call placed in parking spot x"

  9. Just now, Rick Guyton said:

    Ok, confused... If you want inbound callers to be automatically put on hold without any indication to the end user that's a queue. Unless they don't ever want the call routed to them??? If so, they won't be in business long. Sorry Karl, I've got to missing something here.

    Well not quite. A queue would be ringing whoever is a member of the queue and the calls would line up in order that they came in. This would simply be like calls being automatically put into a parking spot using the parking lot feature where it assigns them a parking spot automatically.

  10. The other use case is that now with SHOUTcast on-hold support, we've had customers who want to be able to dial into a number to hear a SHOUTcast stream. So if there was a way to automatically put them on hold as soon as they called, then they would be able to hear this.

  11. Just now, Rick Guyton said:

    Soooo.... Queues? ;)

    You can play hold music will it rings phones in the call group. It's a setting inside call groups. Is that what you are looking for?

    Hahaha, no :-) The customer doesn't want any phones to actually ring or indicate that a call is coming in.

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