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  1. Ring groups allow you to set different media files to play during ringback, but there isn't a way for it to play the default system hold music (whatever is set at the account level). Is there a method to do this? The use case is we have a client with a lot of ring groups, but they all have the same media file play during ringback. They like to change the media file every month, which is annoying because we have to go change it on every single ring group instead of changing it once at the account level, so it would be nice if we could set the ring groups to inherit a setting at the account level instead.
  2. Does anyone know of a way to create a callflow where someone would call in and automatically be placed on hold or on park?
  3. I noticed that conference bridges don't use the account's hold music, and always uses the 2600hz default. Is this a bug, something that got overlooked, or a separate setting to control conference bridge hold music?
  4. You have no idea how excited I am! I've been waiting for this for YEARS (literally)! Thank you so much Darren and the rest of the crew for making this possible. I'm rushing to send out a mass email to our clients now LOL. Also thanks to fastdevice for doing the digging and getting this working :-)
  5. Many of our customers want calls forwarded to their cell phones at certain points of the day/time/etc but want us to set it to a short enough time so that their cell phone voicemail doesn't pick up and it goes to their voicemail through us. We usually set it to 24 seconds or so and don't run into any issues; however, if the person doesn't have cell service or they reject the call on their cell phone, it causes their cell phone voicemail to pickup the call. Does anyone have a workaround for this?
  6. Has anyone else had more problems with this today? We received one report today that a call went back onto park automatically, although it's from a brand new client and we aren't confident that it wasn't just an error on their end since they just started using the system. Often times our new clients report weird behavior in the first couple of weeks and it's just from their own mistakes as they learn the new system, so I'm not sure if we should be concerned or not...?
  7. Ah, okay. Sorry to hear that. I would definitely recommend getting a support contract.
  8. Do you mean your login isn't working or the site isn't loading? It seems fine for me?
  9. Oh gotcha, thanks! Sorry I assumed committed meant it went live...used to dealing with routers :-)
  10. So you're saying it should be fixed now, right?
  11. Neither of our clients reported to us whether or not it involved switching phones while parking so I wouldn't know that part. I guess the difference you are mentioning is the fact that they parked the call and walked away from it, waiting for the ring back, correct?
  12. Darren: What is the different scenario happening last time versus this time? In our case, we had two clients report that they parked a call and picked it up and began to have a conversation, and then randomly the call went back to park and they were unable to pick it up.
  13. Thanks Darren, we really appreciate it (the MWI issues too)
  14. Darren: we just had two customers report this problem to us today.
  15. While what you are mentioned would be cool, I think the best option is LTE failover. We always do POE back to a POE switch or main injector when doing installs, and we always put those devices on a UPS. Combine that with LTE failover and you're probably going to be rock solid.
  16. Yikes, you make our stories sound like nothing LOL. I would have given up and told the customer to get a T1 :-/ But that's awesome that you were able to get around it!
  17. My bad, I forgot about all of those added benefits :-)
  18. Yea the whole "Comcast Business" thing is a joke. It's the same exact service as residential and all of their sales pitches about getting same day service and such are literally flat out lies.
  19. I guess that explains why one time we asked for a customer's Comcast bill and it didn't look like any Comcast bill I had ever seen in my life before lol...
  20. Comcast in Virginia is *mostly* a nightmare...surprisingly it's much better in D.C. and Maryland.
  21. Nothing surprises me about Comcast ;-) It's definitely better in some places than others though. I was about to say Verizon FiOS is like heaven when we have a customer with it, but their new "Quantum" routers have serious issues with SIP signaling where random phones don't ring, or phones keep ringing after calls are answered. We immediately replace the Quantum routers with something else and all of the problems go away. We've literally never gotten any other complaint from a FiOS customer (and now we get none because we know to switch the router out before setting them up). My fear is that Comcast will start doing the same thing. So far so good with their issued modem/router units (knock on wood), but the huge problem with Comcast is that if you have a static IP, you HAVE to use their modem/router and there is no way around it. What happens when their routers start causing VoIP issues but the customer has to have a static IP? Then what? And if you're wondering why Comcast requires you to use their modem/router when you have static IPs, it has to do with a combination of how they handle subnetting and their specific implementation of RIP. Basically comes down to how they have decided to ensure you aren't announcing the wrong IPs. And no, bridge mode might not be the solution either because their bridge mode is still doing Layer 3 functionality.
  22. Specifically what do you mean by call quality? As in the call itself was cutting in and out and made it difficult to understand, or it just didn't sound as crisp and clear?
  23. I actually filed this a long time ago and it got morphed into call center, which isn't what I was looking for. We just wanted basic eavesdropping for non-queues.
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