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  1. So what exactly routes inbound SMS to the Bria application and how can you control which users receive it? I'm kind of confused how that would work.
  2. Hmm that seems like a huge shortfall. 95% of our DIDs are port-ins. After clicking through a ton of random DIDs in our account I was finally able to find one with the option available, but it's not much good if it's available this few and far between. What do you mean "bring your own number to" exactly? For Bria, is this what you're referring to? https://docs.counterpath.com/guides/mob/mob_Retail_Ios_5.6.1/UG/clients/UserGuides/Mobile/Accounts/mobSetUpXmppAccounts.htm Without building our own UI for SMS, I can't really see any point in using this nor do I see how it helps us 😕
  3. Super excited to hear about this! Three questions though: 1. I don't have the "Messaging" option available...it simply doesn't show up. 2. If I understand correctly, there is no interface built out that would allow us to simply provide access for our clients to be able to send/receive SMS via a web portal...right? 3. Is MMS also supported?
  4. Great post, @Rick Guyton! And +1 for PingPlotter. Very very helpful and allows us to show clients proof that the network is at fault!
  5. I know this isn't the answer you are looking to hear, but this is why we decided to only focus on our local market where we can physically access the customer's location. We refuse to sell outside of our area unless it's a single phone for a remote home-based employee, or it's a satellite office for a company whose HEADQUARTERS is here in this area. Even then, the scenarios can be a nightmare. We actually recently had an install for a customer who has a small satellite office on the opposite side of the country from us/their HQ. The phones simply would not register when connected to their firewall, but would if they connected them directly to the ISP's router. We assumed that our IPs just needed to be whitelisted and we gave them our IPs for their I.T. to add, but we were told that they would not do that and we needed to. We explained that we don't manage their network so that's not our responsibility and they would need to pay us hourly to troubleshoot their firewall, but they just kept pointing the finger at us saying our phones were messed up. We then told them we would ship a free firewall to them that would work well, and that they needed to connect it to a secondary static IP from their ISP and have a cabling contractor install additional drops, and they refused to do this. We ended up just caving and spending several hours modifying firewall rules and adding exceptions until we were able to get the phones online, but that was not our responsibility in the first place. It was much harder to do remotely since if you get locked out you're screwed, so you have to be way more careful and conservative with what you change. Long story short, this is exactly why we don't mess with this stuff. It becomes a complete nightmare to deal with 😞
  6. This is awesome!! Thanks!! I originally setup using root access as well because I couldn't figure out how to assign permissions properly (I tried and 2600hz wouldn't connect). I'll follow your advice to fix this!
  7. I was able to get the directory working. First, you need an XML with all of the contact info as per the link in my previous post. I'll paste an Excel file with a script that I found which can make these for you. Once the file is created, rename the file from "xxxxxxxxxxxx-directory.xml" to "000000000000-directory.xml" https://community.polycom.com/t5/VoIP-SIP-Phones/Create-a-directory-XML-from-Excel/td-p/75143 Second, you upload the file to somewhere the phone can pull the file from, an FTP server or the like. Third, you set the url path of the file without the filename onto the "Custom Contact Directory URL" field in Device Settings within Monster. I'll paste an example below. If your URL is as follows, cfg.files.com/client-name/000000000000-directory.xml Then this is what you'll paste onto that field, cfg.files.com/client-name/
  8. Thanks for this, but I've noticed the last time she logged on was more than a year ago. I found this information regarding the setup of directories, but so far this has not worked for me. https://community.polycom.com/t5/VoIP-SIP-Phones/FAQ-How-can-I-create-a-local-directory-or-what-is-the/td-p/8216 Maybe this can be of help to someone else.
  9. Reach out to Mark Cederloff: mark@vsrusa.com They do almost 100% hotels and have utilized Kazoo to do so. I met him at different KazooCons several times. That being said, they run their own environment with lots of customizations so this isn't something you can do with hosted, and the last I spoke with him, he required you to pay him to resell his environment and you couldn't run it in your own. We had a potential hotel customer but ultimately just referred them to Mark directly since it seemed like way too much effort to setup all of the integration and we had no idea what we were doing with it. That being said, Mark's product was crazy impressive and allows hotels to retain their existing wiring and analog phones in the rooms, and it will integrate with most of the hotel management software out there. I was REALLY impressed with his demo.
  10. Weird!! That's news to me. Thanks!!
  11. Hmm, are you sure about this? The last time I tried that, the 2nd attempt to park just got disconnected.
  12. Hi All, I've been trying to get our Polycom phones to use a directory XML via Advanced Provisioner, and it's simply not working. Has anyone had success setting this up or getting the directory in Polycoms to work in any way other than manually entering each contact onto the phone?
  13. You can write a custom config file to use a wav file located on an external server. It's a little tricky, but we got it to work after a few hours of finagling around 🙂 But yea, we have the same complaint from some customers that the default Polycom ringtones are not loud enough.
  14. I know there is a way to detect this since call forwarding can be enabled on a user based on whether the call came from a ring group or directly to that extension, but I have no idea how it's figuring that out...
  15. Ditto! Would LOVE to see this. Right now we do it by hand, but it's annoying and easy to forget.
  16. Thanks for the reminder...didn't realize there are tons of new categories that have been created since I last went through and followed everything
  17. This would vary phone by phone. We tried to do it with Polycom and gave up, but there may be a way. What we did instead is add a soft key so the user can press the intercom button soft key and then the BLF key...the intercom button dials *0 (but doesn't start the call) and then the BLF key adds the extension to the end of it.
  18. Does the account have enough trunks allocated to it?
  19. If you use this code: {{date_called.local|date:"l, F j, Y @ g:i A"}} ({{user.timezone}}) It will generate a string like this: Monday, December 17, 2018 @ 3:50 PM (America/New_York) Source: https://www.w3schools.com/php/php_date.asp
  20. We have the same issue...would love a way to solve it.
  21. I could be wrong, but a blind transfer is seen to the phone as being an external call, so I don't think there is a way to have it use the internal ringtone or any sort of different ringtone.
  22. This feature is not yet available, sorry :-( KAZOO-4832
  23. I don't believe this is available, but if I'm mistaken I would love to know how to do it :-)
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