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  1. We've had quite a few clients ask about this, as well as eavesdropping. It seems like there is definitely a lot of interest.
  2. Hmm odd, I'll have to try that. Thanks!
  3. I did, but there's an issue with the template engine and it incorrectly interpreted it. I filed a bug somewhere but of course I can't for the life of me find it...
  4. @Logicwrath: I almost always use Monster in Incognito mode 
  5. I tried creating a new call recording element on a call flow and got this error.
  6. Glad I'm not the only one who can't stand 24 hour time lol.
  7. Edit the macro in the email template as follows: {{date_called.local|date:"l, F j, Y @ g:i A"}} This will produce something like this: Tuesday, February 28, 2017 @ 12:52 PM The reason I have an @ symbol is because I found a bug where if you use the word "at" it thinks it's part of the macro...I cannot for the life of me find where I submitted this bug, but last I checked it was still an issue. See the following page if you want to customize further: http://php.net/manual/en/function.date.php
  8. Looks like 3600 is the limit. Any chance we can get it bumped up to 7200?
  9. Ah okay, very interesting, thanks! :-)
  10. Oh, wait...having more phones in a ring group can cause problems? What exactly is the reason? I'm curious now!
  11. I couldn't agree more! :-) Our clients seem to all want something wildly different, so just being able to set it custom on each account without going through a ton of API calls would be huge. One of the things we love about the 2600hz platform is that we can customize all sorts of things on a per-account basis (i.e. extension length, feature codes, hold music, etc). Having the flexibility to be able to customize this too (easily through the GUI) would be awesome.
  12. Ditto to pretty much 100% of what Rick has been saying in this thread :-)
  13. The first example I understood, which is why we always wait to set e911 addresses until after the port completes. The second example I didn't realize was the case. I assumed that the PSAP would get the caller ID number from you, and then run a search to see which address was associated with that and then the address info from Verizon would pop up.
  14. But I thought it wouldn't have anything to do with you? The call gets routed to the PSAP and they see the existing number, which already has an address configured from another provider...
  15. Right, but the caller ID for 911 will be set to their existing number which should already have an address configured with it from the existing provider. So it doesn't matter, correct?
  16. Sorry, I think we're still on different pages... What I am referring to is ONLY while we wait for the number to port. We do not set an address on the DID during this period. All we do is set the customer's main phone number as the 911 outbound caller ID number at the account level (or device level). Once the number ports, we usually wait 2-3 hours and then go set the e911 address on the DID.
  17. Right, that was how I understood it...so using that logic, I always thought that if we set the company/device's e911 number to their existing number (which hasn't ported) then it will continue to use whatever was set by the company before us, so it will be fine assuming what was set by the company prior to us is correct.
  18. Hmm okay so maybe my logic has been off....I always assumed that if we setup a new client (prior to the port) that if we set the e911 caller ID to their existing number (the one that hadn't yet ported) it would be fine because the 911 info would be coming from their current carrier, not us, if they called 911. Is this incorrect?
  19. Ditto - I always worried and wondered if there was a way to test e911 without actually calling 911. Now I know! Thanks!
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