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  1. Hmm, from our experience this feature has worked sometimes and not others, but we've never tested it heavily enough to try and figure out why or what affects it.
  2. Oh, sorry, I thought you were talking about SMS. SMS through a company like ZipWhip and using Peerless for voice is the thing that isn't supported. 
  3. I think 2600hz's official response is that they won't guarentee the reliability and it's best effort/you're taking a risk that they won't provide support with. At least that's what I last heard and I assume nothing has changed... From our own experience the Peerless solution has worked just fine with no problems.
  4. We just setup an FTP server in one of our data centers and did it this way. But no, it isn't SFTP, it's regular FTP.
  5. Yep, just ask 2600hz to port the DID to Peerless. Never had any issues with this. It's all seamless and ZipWhip can have it setup in literally minutes after the port completes.
  6. We also use ZipWhip and ran into the same issue. We use Peerless for our customers who want to use ZipWhip and have had zero problems so far (knock on wood). Everyone else is on Bandwidth though unless they want SMS/MMS.
  7. I think several of the carriers have a version of this app. I know when I used to have Verizon with an Android they had a built in app that did this exact same thing. Like T-Mobile though it used a separate database and it wasn't using actual CNAM data. The thing is though, this app cost another $5/month so I assume most people didn't/don't use it because of this cost. I remember they had a 30 day free trial though so I tried it out. *As far as I am aware* cell phones never show actual CNAM data. They'll usually show the location (city and state) based off of the area code and prefix though. Occasionally we will have a customer say they got a complaint that their number showed with a weird name, and we assume it's one of those people subscribing to this app/service.
  8. As far as I know, they're 100% totally gone after they are sent. We've had this issue a few times where clients' email providers blocked 2600hz servers and the voicemails were unfortunately lost forever. Our clients were incredibly irritated and upset of course. If this has changed, please feel free to correct me though.
  9. Unfortunately I've given up on these :-/ All of them (including the Panasonic TGP) had issues that our clients complained about. One big issue is none of them support BLF as far as I can tell so it doesn't allow clients to easily use parking spots. Almost all of our clients heavily rely on parking spots and having them manually use parking spots is out of the question.
  10. I wonder if someone mistook me for the 2600hz Karl on accident haha
  11. I guess that would work, I just didn't think about it from that side. I was thinking about something moreso built in.
  12. Okay, so how about just an email notification if a device doesn't answer a call? (NO_ANSWER or something I think...) I guess this would get messy with ring groups though...the "ignore completed elsewhere" option doesn't seem to consistently work with all phones.
  13. Not just slack...missed call notifications would be great emailed too! Maybe like a daily report or something, or on a per-call basis.
  14. Hmm, someone from 2600hz will have to add you to that section of the community. Sorry!
  15. See: https://helpcenter.2600hz.com/2600hz/topics/best-practice-out-of-office
  16. The feature is there, but they later discovered that they needed to do a few things to enable it on production. Ticket KAZOO-4062 was to track them doing those things. It won't be available in the GUI the last I heard, and is just something that you can do either with an API or they can do manually from their end. But as of right this second it is not available.
  17. See ticket KAZOO-4062 in JIRA. Unfortunately that is all I know.
  18. Not sure about having a device on-site, but I do know that they finished building integration so that you can stream a SHOUTcast stream. It should be released pretty soon.
  19. No worries. For us, both inbound and outbound calls have the call ID in the filename so I would assume that's the situation in your case as well. FYI I would recommend setting your FTP server to use the same time zone as the account. This way it's easier to find calls since you can sort by date and time.
  20. This filename is the call ID. You can find the call ID by going into call logs/history and clicking the details or gear icon.
  21. Whoa, wait a second guys! First of all, be careful about that documentation. It's a bit dated and 2600hz has said they are not updating it. I've found a lot of errors from things that are just outdated or no longer true. Secondly, while what you mentioned in terms of left to right will work, it's easy to mess up AND it can be a huge pain since you can't change the order and have to re-create the callflow to change the order. What I *highly* recommend is as follows: 1. Create a call flow with your DID(s) only and point it to a second callflow with an extension (i.e. 500) 2. The callflow with extension 500 can be your regular TOD "router" as we call it. This can have the different days of the week and corresponding times. 3. Now let's say there is a holiday or unexpected staff meeting...simply go to the call flow with the DID(s) and create another TOD. For example, set it to a specific day of the month and time and then set all other times to transfer to callflow 500. 4. This way if you forget to revert it you have 364 days until it becomes a problem again, rather than it potentially "closing" you the next day or next week. Also, it doesn't involve re-creating any callflows and also makes more sense and is less prone to error since a completely different TOD function is handling the abnormal circumstance. Just my two cents though! :-)
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