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  1. If I recall correctly, 2600hz isn't doing the integration...they're just going to be making it possible to do. So we would still have to program out the functionality. That wouldn't be a 10-20% markup though...right now the storage to us is practically free. AWS can be pricey when you have a lot of calls being recorded.
  2. Ah no, please don't start charging for call recording :-( While the current system is a bit tricky trying to find and retrieve calls, it's super straightforward and we love the fact that we can use any FTP server. It would be nice if a simple interface could be written to access those calls easily (i.e. a link next to the call in the log). But I guess the advantage to AWS is that you can more easily write code to do this. I just hate paying for storage since we have tons of it available to us for free already.
  3. Actually, I noticed several accounts showed $0 of credit in the UI. I ran a reseller report and it listed much more credit, and after logging out/back into Monster now I'm seeing the credit again...
  4. We're having the same problem, except the "current balance" listed on the emails is showing $0 even though the accounts may have $100+ of credit.
  5. FYI 15 phones ringing is not 15 concurrent calls. It's not even 1 concurrent call. An incoming call is just sending tiny packets to the phone to tell it to play a ringing sound. When the customer picks up, then the actual call begins and uses up a larger portion of bandwidth.
  6. We have a customer with about 25 phones all in a ring group, and they've never reported any issues. Our other customers (even with the same number or more devices) don't have all of them in a single ring group, so I only have one example to go off of. What we often see when a customer complains about some phones not ringing in the ring group are a firewall acting up. Look in the call logs and see if some of the legs say "Recovery on timer expire" - this is *usually* a problem with the customer's firewall. Sometimes it needs a reboot, other times it is too restrictive and needs to be replaced with something else.
  7. Oh wow I had no clue you could do this! I would love to find out more.
  8. We would like the ability to do this because we often times do new system setups and need to have their caller ID showing their actual business number before we submit the porting paper work. We like to fully install prior to submitting the port request, and because you manually do it there is often a delay before the DID is entered into the system on your end. Even with the new port manager though, it doesn't appear to let you use the DIDs in any capacity (including setting caller ID) if they are in port-in state. We tried simply changing the provisioning URL on some phones and it did some funky things. We decided to factory reset the phones first before changing the provisioning URL, so while that sounds cool, we probably wouldn't want it.
  9. One feature that Kazoo has that Monster doesn't is letting you free-form the caller ID at the account level. In Kazoo you can manually enter it, but in Monster you have to select from a drop down (in advanced call flows). Will this functionality be added? I know you can use Monster to manually enter it on each device, but I am wanting to do this at the account level. Also, will the Kazoo shutdown affect existing devices that have not been provisioned with the new provisioner yet? I know we won't be able to provision new devices or change config on existing devices, but what about just using existing ones? Will they stop working? I doubt we can go through and finishing converting all devices by March which is why I am concerned.
  10. Oh, right, I forgot that's only a Polycom thing...sorry :-(
  11. Agreed - however, we were able to add it with the custom config option pretty easily. Not as clean, but still beats logging into the phone web interface!
  12. Thanks again! Please let me know how it goes!
  13. Wow that sounds great! Thanks so much for the info!
  14. Oh, wow, it sounds like we have been missing out! So the CyberData devices register as SIP devices then?
  15. If you purchase Polycom phones, they don't need to be registered with any SIP servers in order to enable multicast paging. We did that for a customer who just needed a few phones for paging purposes in addition to their regular phones. I cannot speak for any other manufacturers though.
  16. There are lots of cool systems out there, and we tried a few, but in the end I decided it was better to keep the door entry systems separate from the intercom, and separate from the phones. We install Aiphone systems that act as two-way video chat doorbells. A customer will usually have this at their front desk and then will also have a door unlock switch installed by their access control provider. It would be nice if it could integrate with the customer's phones so they could answer it anywhere in the office, but I decided it was too much hassle and too difficult to deal with integration...if someone has a better solution though I'd love to see it.
  17. We tried this for a while but gave up because it was slow and our customers didn't like that :-/ We now use multicast paging. I dislike that we can't control or customize it very easily, but it's instant and seems to work flawlessly. Only issue is for customers with different networks (i.e. a network for accounting and a network for sales) it won't work since it only works for phones on the same subnet.
  18. No, from our sub-account we are dialing a DID in a customer's sub-account.
  19. Just to clarify: - We call a customer from our account to their account - The customer has default hold music set, we have custom hold music set - The customer puts us on hold, and we hear our own hold music I confirmed that this happened on Wednesday (Dec 14th)
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