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Fax Detection Callflow


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Is this also popular? We get this request but mostly from overseas places where DIDs aren't cheap.

The problem with these is fax machines that don't make a tone. Some still exist, or try to do answer detection and don't like hitting an IVR. This then, of course, generates support tickets.

We could potentially implement this but I wonder if the demand is really that high? Also, it would probably only work for IVRs because Faxboxes have nothing to do technically with voicemail boxes so on individual users I don't know how, once you're in a voicemail box and we hear a tone, we'd be able to figure out which faxbox it maps to. Maybe in SmartPBX we could just assume it's the same user and in advanced callflows we could let you manually set a mailbox.
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So based on the interest in this question I asked our team to dig into this. It turns out there is infact call detection already built in, I just didn't know about it ;-)

Luis has documented it. I don't think a single person has tested this so please try it out and feel free to report back your results.


Please note, I think 3 second default is too short. I've put in a ticket to make it 4 or 5. But it should really just work.
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@FASTDEVICE I agree. That said, this feature has a significant impact on call processing (tone detection is expensive). I'd like to see a small number of people try it first before we commit to formally rolling it out to all via an easy-to-use GUI. We can take the feedback from those that tinker with it and make sure it works / is better before rolling it to the masses. So let's consider this a beta test at this point. In the meantime, I'll meet internally with folks to figure out how to add it to the callflow editor.

There are enough people who know JSON and can use Curl that perhaps we just start there (I think you're one of them?)

In parallel, we can work on making it available via the callflow editor via the design team.
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