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  1. So here is the belated "writeup", it turned into a video with screen shots, etc. https://youtu.be/npSSZyavlzw It's branded a bit, but should be usable for any sysadmins to figure it out.
  2. I agree. Did you know that the SNOM PA1 has an amp in it? you can hook up 8ohm speakers to it! (how many, i don't know) But the ideal thing, is to have a device, that integrates with existing systems... perhaps if an ATA was auto provisioned properly, that would meet the needs of the "paging integration".
  3. I would love to see this to!
  4. Have an SPA1 on the way. Will do a short write up after. esoare
  5. Same here, using Yealinks...always had to use HTTP:// @ Karl Stallknecht I informed 2600hz that it was a "Typo" when it said https://! lol Rather than make a debate of which one to use , it shows neither http or https, therefore, you can use either one!! :D
  6. @ MD . I use Audacity to bump up or down the DB levels on files. It's a touch technical, but a couple of hours banging your head at it / google searches, should get you rolling.
  7. I was looking at the datasheet. http://www.thetelecomspot.com/downloa... Anthony: Just noticed your full comment on connecting to the AMP's. How do you connect it to the Amplifier if the customer has a 70V speaker system? or. Did everyone just use the Multicast to the phones for paging?
  8. I have a client who is using paging amps to speakers in a store. Anyone else doing this? I am thinking either FXS or FXO (not sure which) to integrate to the AMP, then using a Advanced call flow to point to that device (maybe, if it's busy do a message to try again...or just let it give a busy tone). The Quandry of course, is the fact that I can't control the devices through Advanced Provisioner, and making sure they are programmed properly, before being dispersed to the 11 locations, will be...fun :) May need to break out that bottle of Pepto-Bismol.
  9. Baze, During Testing and the message I heard, I decided to setup up the CallFlows this way. Closed Open That works. But. It Goes to the Voicemail on the Business Side, instead of doing "true" call forwarding, and letting the calling party go to the cell phone voicemail. I tried the Device directly, instead of a User (I thought the User extended ringing might help), but the system consistently uses the 20 seconds, and forwards to the voicemail... 1: Can I extend the calling seconds on the After Hours Incoming Call Handling? 2: Can I send it off to a device, and not have the system do Next Action to a Voicemail box? Thanks for pointing me in the right direction! es
  10. ok. I use hosted. So I have Saturday programmed as Closed, which would make the System use "After Hours" Incoming Call Handling for Saturday. Would I then create the Enable Time of Day and pick Main Saturday? Would I then create the Disable Time of Day and pick Main Saturday? Thereby cancelling that, and the system would go back to normal? Would the Enable Time of Day go across multiple days? i/e they are closed for a Monday Holiday, they Enable Time of Day with Main Saturday on FRIDAY the system is overiding all the way till Tuesday, when they Disable Time of Day with Main Saturday on TUESDAY? I will test it out now before deployment, but the sooner I get them fixed up, the better! Thanks for sharing! es
  11. How Can a customer Call Forward their main business number to a company cell phone after hours... They also want to Call Forward during the day some times, so the "Closed Business" strategy wont work. Can this be done? They want the main number forwarding to the Business Cell Phone, and voicemails to stay on the business cell phone when the call forwarding is happening. They think the service isn't working right, because I have to setup the call ringing to 50 seconds, and their customers are hanging up before voicemail answers during the day...
  12. I agree with Casey Boyd. If you have the CLID setup right. The 7 digits sent from any phone, will automatically have the Area code added, before being sent out to the carrier.
  13. I agree with Rally IP Admin... the Dalay fix has been Dalayed :)
  14. Katie, Same here on the link. Can you change the security settings please?
  15. Marie: Do you have access to the SmartPBX? (what you referred to as Monster PBX is now being termed SmartPBX AFAIK) If you do. Go To Device. Click Add a Device. Select Polycom. There you will see all the Polycom phones that can be Auto Provisioned. The SoundPoint IP 321/331 are in the list. So, yes. They will work.
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