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  1. Today I learned that when installing the USB Dongle + W56H Handset. Even though you register the Handset with the Dongle on the phone and it shows "connected" You need to make 2 changes for the Handset to ring on incoming calls + Give access to outgoing calls. This is based on only 1 account for the phone. (Yealinks can do up to 16 accounts sometimes) You can do this thru the Web Interface (see picture) OR thru Custom Configs - See code below. .CFG file reachable via http:// by the telephone. #!version: ### This file is the exported MAC-all.cfg. ### For security, the following parameters with password haven't been display in this file. ###account.1.password = handset.2.dial_out_default_line = 1 handset.2.dial_out_lines = 1 handset.2.incoming_lines = 1 p.s.
  2. I agree with @Skunkbeard, tying it in as a default for phones that go through Advanced Provisioner would be great. But please add "Office Hours" to Advanced Provisioner resellers that don't use SmartPBX benefit from this! On Yealinks it looks like this: This turns off your display after so many minutes: phone_setting.backlight_time = 600 features.power_saving.office_hour.friday = 8,17 features.power_saving.office_hour.monday = 8,17 features.power_saving.office_hour.saturday = 8,17 features.power_saving.office_hour.sunday = 8,17 features.power_saving.office_hour.thursday = 8,17 features.power_saving.office_hour.tuesday = 8,17 features.power_saving.office_hour.wednesday = 8,17 features.power_saving.office_hour.idle_timeout = 60 features.power_saving.power_led_flash.off_time = 100 features.power_saving.power_led_flash.on_time = 0 features.power_saving.user_input_ext.idle_timeout = 30 Bonus: This stops the the Red light from flashing to let you know your phone is powered on: phone_setting.common_power_led_enable = 0 This stops the the Red light from flashing to let you know your phone has a missed call: phone_setting.missed_call_power_led_flash.enable = 0
  3. Along with Yealink Custom configs.... addon on TWIL from last week. If you are having issues on 1 phone, but not others. Try removing the "Custom Configs", Factory Reset, and see if the issue persists. If you are having issues still: "Custom Config" is NOT the culprit If you are NOT having issues: "Custom Config" IS the culprit
  4. Thanks @Skunkbeard May I suggest "Dealing with Outgoing calls being marked as SPAM" as a better title? Very useful information! Thanks again, esoare
  5. This is the code for using it in an optional config file account.1.cid_source = 6 This is ALSO needed if a Call is Parked on Yealinks. When you retrieve the parked call, if you have the setting above, it will show the CLID of the party, versus " *31 ".... i/e: what you dialed to get to the Park slot 1.
  6. Thanks for the link @airsay! Great vid @mc_
  7. I disagree. (Not because I'm an admin) I completely trust 2600hz with my clients. I'm not a developer, but a hosted reseller. Eugen Soare
  8. TWIL: I learned that Advanced Provisioner - Custom Configs will accept the "\" in the file path... browsers will fix to "/" when you copy the whole link from the Custom Config entry, but the Yealink Phones will NOT get the programming since the Yealinks will only use the "/" and are confused by the "\" in the file path. BAD http://website.com\account\account.cfg GOOD http://website.com/account/account.cfg Spent 1.5 hours troubleshooting all because I copied the /account/account.cfg from windows explorer! At least I saved support from a needless ticket. :D Your welcome!
  9. Ha! We'll keep that info among us.
  10. https://support.yealink.com/en/portal/knowledge/show?id=1d124b50a40b7b0471180dd1 Let me know if you need help with a Yealink ticket. esoare
  11. Not Dropping to Void. Using Call Waiting: If a Call goes to a CallFlow, and It has a User with 1 Device. The User with 1 Device is on Call 1. Call 2 comes into the Callflow. Call 2 rings the Device (since Call Waiting is enabled) Call 2 if NOT answered withing the time specified in the Call Flow, will go to the next action. Usually Voicemail for the User, but could be sent to other people/all sort of stuff can happen here. Using Queues. If a Agent is on a call. They will NOT be presented with the second call. The caller stays in the queue for however long the QUEUE is programmed to hold them. All sorts of settings can be in the QUEUE. When the Agent is done with Call 1. The second call in the QUEUE will ring the agents phone. hope that helps a little. esoare
  12. @Jack Noe Of course you've probably thought of using Pivot... You could do what you mentioned, by checking a database, and letting a call go through to a CallFlow, or sending it to Voicemail. The problem is that you want to send a call to "Voicemail" after the call is ringing on a User/Device... That of course is a "forward a ringing call to voicemail" in your post.... If it's just 1 User/Phone/Device. You could "Reject the Call" and the call would go to voicemail... (Do you have the option on the VVX400 to reject a call? I'm a Yealink guy,sorry) If it's multiple Users/Phones/Devices. You would have to do that on all those Devices. If you wanted to do that on the server backend / other methods, that's past my knowledge at the moment. Probably @mc_ might have some suggestions. Let us know which of those options you would like to explore.
  13. Yes. Thanks for catching that @Logicwrath. I thought I would mention Advanced Callflows, as a name change on a device works "properly" in that app.
  14. Feature request: Replacement phones. Would like to edit a MAC address in Advanced Call Flows + Device and the programming in Advanced Provisioner (buttons) would NOT be defaulted. esoare
  15. Along with your note about SmartPBX. The "issue" does NOT happen when renaming in Advanced CallFlows. So the two "Apps" of course are different, but as @Logicwrathmentioned, it would be nice to have SmartPBX device Name change act consistently between the apps. esoare
  16. @Emily R is there a thought to provide a Users Guide for Call Center Basic? Is there something of an Agent Training Manual for either Call Center Basic or PRO? esoare
  17. @Mitch Welcome to the world of Yealink Custom Configs!!! Are you looking for a step by step on how to add/make changes via configs, so that the phone gets it's programming, versus you getting into the web interface every time? esoare
  18. I am running into this with another client. The Outside call can press just a digit from the Menu to be routed to the correct group of people/devices. Press 1, or "Dial extension 199" will call 201 User then also 202 User. Then you can have the Internal BLF's/Extensions/CallFlow for 201, and 202 be normally built. So how about changing the "extension" the outside caller dials to 199? Otherwise you might look at doing something like this below....may get messy with BLF's though...I haven't tried the below, but I figure if 2011 device is on the phone, then BLF 2011 and BLF 199 will both turn on. @Jack Noe The question is, can you go with 3 BLF keys? 1) BLF Presence ID 199 at the User level for the outside call - 2 Devices have to be placed under the User though. 2) BLF Presence ID 2011 at the Device level for Inside calls 2011 3) BLF Presence ID 2012 at the Device level for Inside calls 2012 Hope that helps! esoare
  19. This is a cool tip. Clicking on the account the MAC address is found in, will put you into the account straight away!
  20. Took a bit of time and looked through Product Board Roadmap - 2600Hz Community - If you want to add to the Roadmap, or put in your two cents. That's the place to do it! Best, esoare
  21. I am finding the need, more and more, to dive into API's and Pivot server/functionality. While it is amazing all the things that can be done through the Kazoo platform, the hurdle for someone to "dabble learn / make" something useful seems harsh. Is there anyone willing to do a basic API / Pivot training session? Are there any others interested in this? "Hit thumbs Up" to show your interest! esoare
  22. So I noticed that the "SMTP email" wasn't in the gui anymore. 2-20-2021. It's just the Realm... So " Ten-Digit-Fax@Realm " Realm = Fully Qualified Domain Name Hope that helps also.
  23. That is a great question @RuhNet! Can some one chime in and let us know what issues there have been with v85…?
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