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  1. Wow, those are some modifications!
  2. Rick Guyton: I had to revert back to Disabled last night. It seemed to get worse for the site (BLF issues were happening every 24 hour period) I am going to see how it goes over the next 48 hours, and let you know. I am wondering, does anyone open up their firewall to allow any/any from the 2600hz data center IP's? I don't think it's necessary, but thought I would ask. esoare
  3. Would love to see the recording, I missed it also!
  4. Too bad the BLF's can't be TCP, so the message always gets through...if that is the problem.
  5. I gave it a shot at a site that is having issues... Did this yesterday at 2:30pm not sure when they went down, but i am rebooting again..
  6. I wonder if that is what is happening on the Hosted 2600hz side of things... David Durik, your running your own cluster?
  7. I am coming to that conclusion as well.... I have Yealinks at a customer site, 16 phones, with ParkSlot BLF's *3(101-105) + 2 Attendant Consoles with BLF's for each user presence. Last time it happened (3 days ago) I added a phone to the customer + changed the Combo keys on the attendant consoles to add that User's Presence... Not sure if it was co-incidence with timing, but I ended up "restarting" the phone from the Advanced Provisioner module, and everything came up to snuff... Can that Global File be modified Through the RPS configs?
  8. This post should be on the 2600hz-users list. Please check out the Google Groups site. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!for...
  9. Do you run your own? Or do you use a "hosted" Ftp Service? Is it secured? SFTP?
  10. I did this for a new client with 15 phones. I wonder if there is a Hosted LDAP service, so the Admin for the customer just has 1 location to update, versus the group on all the phones individually. I guess I could search, eh?
  11. question! Is this report coming from your own customer? I had a client report this to me, but it turned out that it was an employees mother, and she had programmed the main number in the phones contacts, with her daughters name. At least that what I told them, since it was only the mom's... maybe she had T-mobile though :( I'll have to keep an eye open on that. es
  12. A client has plain voicemail boxes. (no voicemail to email). Is there a way if a voicemail comes into their "main" mailbox, for the user, to xfer that voicemail message to another mailbox/user that the message was intended for?
  13. Can I test this to? :) I just rolled a site of 15 phones out, and the changes that I am making aren't being applied, because the server url isn't populated during the initial Auto Provision... The phone I have on that account in the office shows a blank in the "Server URL" section of the phone.
  14. Is there a way (Advance CallFlows) to create a Voicemail box that will turn on a "Device" Message Waiting Notification light on a phone? I want to avoid creating 13 "dummy users", just to turn the notification on, if possible... if not, then I'll create those "dummy users"
  15. I would be fine with an admin only retrieving the call recording.
  16. I have clients that the admin is "IT", I end up doing hands on training, and they "poke" around... Other clients will always call me... = Different prices for different clients.
  17. Let us know when this roles! This along with " https://helpcenter.2600hz.com/2600hz/... " having the Local SIP port being changed properly in higher firmware of the Yealinks, would "seem" to fix everything that would allow for proper deployment using RPS..
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