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  1. Our Android and iOS app actually has this feature also It's using native Google and Apple Push functionality (via OneSignal), sending a push notice before the mobile rings (initiated by Kazoo webhook Channel Create). It shows who's calling and which number was called etc. However it's not sent until Kazoo trying to ring the device, so a delay in Kazoo wouldn't send the Push earlier (however we can modify the push sending mechanism to trigger when Kazoo rings a user instead).
  2. We have developed an advanced "Presence" system for Kazoo. Here the users can set 9 different presence statuses with different ending date or time ("Lunch", "Meeting", "Vacation", "Business trip" etc). On the phone, they can dial *23*1 for 1 hour lunch, or *23*1*1330 for lunch until 13:30. Other presences are "Meeting"; *23*2*1415 (Meeting until 14:15), or "Vacation"; *23*4*0921 ("Vacation until 21st september) etc. The system automatically answers calls to the user having an active presence, and speaks "The person you are trying to reach is on lunch and will be back at 13 30" or "...is on vacation and will be back at september the 21st" etc. We also have a smartphone app (iOS & Android) where the user can select presence status (among many other functions). Please send me a PM if this can be of any interest Br Tomas
  3. You can do this with Pivot and Preflow. We've done this in a lot of different ways, mostly using PHP scripts. First, create the callflows you want to route the calls to, then check in Futon / CouchDB for the Callflow ID's. (however this might be possible to integrate directly into the PHP script instead of making different pre-defined callflows). Then create a callflow with a Pivot request, pointing to the PHP script. The PHP script then can route the call to the correct Callflow ID, it just has to return '{"module":"callflow","data":{"id":"<callflow_id>"}}' To make the Pivot script run every time a call is being connected in you can select that as Preflow in the Callflow app -> Account Settings -> Misc -> Preflow. Example Pivot callflow below: Example PHP script: <?php header("content-type: application/json"); $nextcallflow="0219483204983"; die ('{"module":"callflow","data":{"id":"'.$nextcallflow.'"}}');
  4. It might be a good idea to update the system also, and not only kazoo-*. However, like I wrote above, if upgrading js and librabbitmq things gets messed up....
  5. Every updade we do nowadays we need to exclude both js and librabbitmq; yum update --exclude=js --exclude=librabbitmq
  6. I would recommend CentOS 7 instead of 6. But Debian might be better, that I don't know (we're using CentOS 7 in our cluster without any major issues (besides RPM versions of js and librabbitmq))
  7. I don't know if it's possible to integrate into Monster UI, we are running the Call Center app in a separate Kazoo UI installation (but on the same server). Our Call Center customers need to login at Kazoo UI separately. You also need to know that the Call Center app isn't very good, however it lets you setup and manage ACDC queues and agents, and the agents can see all calls in the queue(s), and also log in and out from the queues. That's about it. A lot of small bugs exists, one is that the call list isn't sorted correctly (calls gets in random positions and not in order they called in) etc. But it meets the absolutely most basic needs to provide a call queue service to customers.
  8. We're using the old Kazoo-UI app for ACDC. It's build for Kazoo v3 but works with v4 also; https://github.com/2600hz/kazoo-ui
  9. Hi! Does this have something to do with the removal of the Service Plan tab in the Account Mgr app ( https://forums.2600hz.com/forums/topic/10084-service-plan-tab-in-42 )? Are there any updates on this issue? @JR^
  10. OK, I see. I'm not familiar with the 2600hz MVNO, however we're using another MVNO. I think this issue is the same with MVNO and the "normal" call forwarding device, isn't the outbound CallerID handled the same way? The solution for us would be a feature to set an outbound CallerID in the ring groups. Maybe not very hard to fix...for those who knows how to do it
  11. Hope it is correct; https://2600hz.atlassian.net/browse/KAZOO-5915
  12. Sure, will try. Not very used with that but...
  13. Just tested the minimum recording time. It doesn't work as I expected. The caller (who is recording the voicemail message) doesn't get any information that the message was too short and not saved. Freeswitch says "Saved" anyway, but the log says "attachment length is 1820 and must be larger than 3000 to be stored". In FusionPBX the caller was informed, like "The message recorded was too short, try again" or similar... To get advantage of this option, there must be some "feedback" to Freeswitch that the message wasn't saved.
  14. I would like to set a minimum duration also, like 3-5 seconds or so. (I think FusionPBX has this option).
  15. You can enable recording at the user level in the MonsterUI SmartPBX app;
  16. I had a similar question a while ago:
  17. Oh, I'm sorry but I didn't install it nor used it personally. The customer is rather far away so we had an local electrician there to install it for us. I haven't heard anything about it from the customer and he says it's working OK...
  18. No, unfortunately not. Only tested Fanvil but don't now anything about noise reduction. I wilk ask out distributors if they can recommend something.
  19. Maybe off topic, but the open source version 4.2 seems to be released now. I got it when updated with yum.
  20. tomas_


    So you mean it isn't enough with just approved_user_id that we have in our script above?
  21. tomas_


    I'm running my own cluster.
  22. Wow, that's exactly what I thought about. Thanks for clarify that! As always - Kazoo is awesome!
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