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  1. Do a factory reset on them and let us know the results. Do you have access to those phones now? Do you have web access to them remotely? Esoare P.s. If the reset doesn't work, try a firmware update in the same family. I/e 83.10 to 83.50
  2. Hi, Did you use the advanced call flows to create the paths to the users/devices? Are these built in smart PBX? Esoare P.s. did you try a restart from Advanced Provisioner? Double check your ring groups or call flows to make sure the users or devices are in the groups, try not to mix devices and users that may cause problems...
  3. ok. 1st don't speak spanish. But you asked for comments, so I downloaded the files anyways to provide improvements. So you have two files attached. 1) (the bigger one) with 130 files 2) (the smaller one) with 107 files ~~~~~~~~~~ I listened to a few files and they seem garbled. Garbled: Note the cf-disabled.wav filecf-disabled.wav Using Audacity: I noticed that at the end there isn't a ending space of time in cf-disabled.wav (this has nothing to do with the garbling) Note it seems to be cutoff at the end for cf-not_available.wav cf-not_available.wav Using Audacity: I noticed that at the end there isn't a ending space of time in cf-not_available.wav, and the file seems cutoff mid word or something... I would look at adding an "outro" of time to the files. .170 seconds like the start of the file might work? I added the .170 outro below If you listen to th e cf-not_available_esoare_outro.wav attached cf-not_available_esoare_outro.wav It seems a little bit more clean? hope that helps out @fmateo05! ~~~~~~~~~~ Summary: Two things i see. a) some files seem garbled? b) add outro silence to the files? Used Audacity to look at the "wave forms" of the sound, as well as editing the one file.
  4. Great work @fmateo05! Giving this post a little bump. esoare
  5. @Karl Stallknecht I see SMS on some numbers and not on other numbers... Which reminded me of @Darren Schreiber's note that SMS was going to be enabled on Native Numbers. i/e: NOT ported numbers in the hosted platform... I do have clients that ported in, and have asked for this though! I asked if ported numbers would eventually work with SMS in the chat, but will let 2600hz speak to that. I am happy I have a native number/s and can test these out!
  6. Is this a new account? Advanced Call Flows - Feature Codes - > Enable the Call Park functions you need. esoare p.s. Not sure if that can be done in SmartPBX, but if you do use SmartPBX, only make the change for Feature Codes in Advanced Call Flows, then all other work in SmartPBX p.p.s.
  7. @FASTDEVICE I see.... For us "sys-admins" that is quite a bit of info to take in! :D But definitely see how that would help out with how many legs you process. Stay safe everyone! esoare
  8. That would be super! I get asked allot for, how many calls go to the Store (option 1), Shipping (option 2), Support (option 3),,,etc... Seems like having that data in the CDR, would allow for reporting on such metrics. +1 esoare
  9. True on Debugging app/provisiones, but the phones wouldn't register on the platform. Thanks for the simple-help.com site. That looks very interesting! esoare
  10. @Jack Noe I know this isn't an answer to the "Specific Contact" question. But thought it would be worth "noting" here. See if the T29 has this option. This will get rid of ALL call Popup's not a particular contact only though... "features.missed_call_popup.enable"
  11. Next time @Karl Stallknecht (I know there won't be one though! ) send over a computer/box that has your remote access software + Ping plotter. Have them plug it in to their network. And then you can access the firewall programming through there. + See if connectivity to your IP's works without having to much problems. Also you could Angry IP scan their network, and then ARP -a to get the MAC address + IP addresses of the phones (assuming the OUI MAC you know) Then script a login/reboot of the phones. This post was REAL EASY to type, I'm sure it would still be a headache to actually do though!! (do they call that Sunday night quarterbacking?) esoare
  12. @Jack Noe either of @Baze ;s Ideas would solve your problem. I can't think of any other way to do it. SoftClient would of course be easiest to implement. Only thing I would add to the conversation is the below: Also, create a CallFlow with the Manager's Cell Number, that calls the "SoftClient Device" (then, either a separate voicemail that sounds like his cell phone voicemail, or his normal User Voicemail) Hope that helps! esoare
  13. @Karl Stallknecht You could also have different directories right? cfg.files.com/client-name/staff/ cfg.files.com/client-name/vendors/ cfg.files.com/client-name/clients/ etc... I do that with a client, and I even have an "All" section. PM'ed you a link to see if the web directory could work for Polycom's. It works slick for Yealinks! esoare
  14. Valet *4 parking requires "Attended" transfer. Normal *3+park slot (which can be just 1 digit) is done via Blind transfer. If you have Buttons available on the phones, I like to place "Call Park" "normal" keys on phones for customers. This allows them to place calls into park slots easily, as well as pickup parked calls easily, and also they get a visual of a call is parked...I/e they don't forget about it. (I know the system will ringback after a certain amount of time in the park slot.) Hope that clarifies things for you @simonp22 esoare
  15. That is because the procedure you are doing is a "Blind" transfer, versus an "Attended" transfer. Try pressing Transfer *4 and wait....if the Snom dials into the valet parking, it will give you the parking spot and you press transfer again , to get that call into the slot. I would recommend taking a look at SNOM documentation and seeing the difference between the transfer types. I do Yealink's, and don't have experience with SNOM. esoare
  16. @Marie You mentioned the above in another post. I believe the part about "Company Directories" would be of interest to @Karl Stallknecht. Could you add some info concerning the Directories with Provisioning? Thanks! esoare
  17. @Tas thanks for following up! Bummer about the provider, but of course, that doesn't have anything to do with the software. If you would like to try another provider that is more responsive, feel free to reach out. esoare
  18. @Tas are you able to providean update?
  19. I just joined a discord for something else. Created an unofficial discord server. https://discord.gg/4uPy2P
  20. Yes there is. I'll try to get a write up on that be end of next week. Don't have time for earlier. esoare
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